Finding the Best Vape Mods that suits your style

Vaping is currently the most popular alternative for smokers that cannot seem to shake off the habit. Unlike smoking, vaping smoke contains fewer carcinogens, making it a safer alternative. If you are new to the vaping world, choosing the right vape for yourself can get overwhelming. There are so many choices out there. Compared to cigarettes, vape uses three main components: the vaporizer or vape, and the e-juice or e-liquid.

There are types of vape mods, too. For the experienced vapers, vape mods are a worthy investment because it has wirings and electronics that completely enhance your vaping experience. For smokers that kind of miss the sensation of a real cigarette, vape mods safely mimic it.

But like other things, not all vape mods are created equal. To know which one is suitable for your style and your needs, here are things you must consider.


Some vape mods are made for everyday use, while others are created to showcase your vaping tricks. If you are more of the former, some experts recommend that you try looking for double bat mods. As the name suggests, these mods have a long battery life so you can continue puffing from dawn till dusk. eGo pens are a great choice as well if you are always on-the-go and would like to continue vaping anytime, anywhere.

Finding the Best Vape Mods that suits your style


Some vape mods come with minimal maintenance. An example of this would be eGo pens. These mods are commonly called the beginner vape mods because of its handiness and versatility. Anyone can easily get to know the basics of vaping using eGo pens. Refilling it and charging it is quick and hassle-free, too.

For expert vapers, though, most swear by mechanical mods. These vape mods are known to bring out huge puffs of high-quality smoke every single time. The downside is that you have to have patience when it comes to its maintenance. Unlike the other mods, you cannot just charge it and leave it on its own. You often have to check if the electronics inside are still at its optimal condition. Moreover, mech mods have no safety regulators so there are chances that unregulated ones can explode or injure at any given point.


As previously mentioned, there is a type of e cig that needs to be maintained regularly (mech mods) and there are some that require minimal attention. Of course, you do not want to be stuck to a vape mod that you are clueless to use. After all, vape mods are not cheap. High-quality ones can immediately set you back at $50 apiece. While you can absolutely find cheaper ones out there, you also have to be sure of the quality and the brand itself. Most vapers highly encourage that you buy a branded one because it is already established in the industry. You can be sure of their quality and safety.

When it comes to e cig, do not sell yourself short. Regardless of your reason on why you want to try vaping (quit smoking, try a new hobby, learn vaping tricks), always go for a good quality vape mod that suits your lifestyle, vaping skillset, and knowledge in using it.

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