4 Common Mistakes in Wedding Planning and How to Avoid Them

The average wedding in 2022 cost $28,000. That’s a bit lower than it’s been in previous years, but the lower price might be temporary. The United States is coming out of a wedding surge, but inflation is catching up.

Weddings can prove difficult because of how much preparation goes into them. That’s a discouraging thought, but you shouldn’t worry. Sometimes, wedding planning is about understanding common mistakes and avoiding them.

What are the most common mistakes in wedding planning? What makes them so common? The answers are a bit complicated. Keep reading to learn more.

4 Common Mistakes in Wedding Planning and How to Avoid Them

1. Neglecting the Budget

The worst thing you can do for your wedding occurs before you start planning. When people first think about their wedding, there’s a temptation to let their heart lead the way.

That’s a beautiful idea, but you can drain your budget that way. Err on the side of caution. Focus on getting through the wedding without going overboard.

Once you’re finished with the wedding budget, count up the total cost. If you have any money left in your budget after the initial planning ends, feel free to return and splurge a little on things you want.

2. Not Getting a License

Everything comes with a bit of bureaucracy, including weddings. Before getting married in most states, you need a valid marriage license. Each state has its timetable for marriage licenses.

Most states take a few days to process and approve a marriage license. Once the license is approved, you have anywhere from one month to a year to get married. Keep in mind that there aren’t many states where marriage licenses last this long. Four states offer year-long validity and five offer 6 months.

3. Putting Little Thought Into the Guest List

A wedding guest list can make or break a ceremony, so you must consider it carefully. While we would all like to believe that we can invite anyone we want, that’s not realistic.

Let’s face it, not everyone gets along, and weddings aren’t the place to stir up conflict. There’s also that one friend many of us have. They were an excellent addition to the Bachelor or Bachelorette party, but they might cause problems at the wedding.

Little decisions like this make the wedding planning process taxing. Avoiding them doesn’t help anyone, so we have to make them.

4. Putting Off Getting Dresses

No wedding is complete without dresses for the bride and bridesmaids. Whether you opt for pink bridesmaids dresses or something with a darker tone, they must be there on time.

You should give this extra consideration if you’re ordering a custom dress. Making a dress takes a lot more time than boxing one up and shipping it. If you don’t order at least six months in advance, the dress might arrive late.

Common Mistakes in Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can cause stress, and it’s easy to make mistakes under pressure. Knowing the most common mistakes in wedding planning makes them easier to avoid. We have addressed a few of them here, but you can’t be too prepared.

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