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How to Break In Cowboy Boots

A pair of cowboy boots are one of those things that sound great in theory, but once you try the boots on for size, you may quickly realize that they’re not all they’re cracked out to be — at least, not in terms of...

woman slides

Best Places to Buy Women Slides

Soon as you pull your feet out of those stilettos and put on a pair of sides the moan you let out is no less the feeling of transcending from hell to heaven. Slides are some of the most comfortable footwear that you can...

Working ladies: Buy waterproof shoes and save your bank

An American woman yearly on average buys 19 pairs, whereas some women buy up to 30 pairs. Yes, this is the right women love shoes. Many women have set a separate budget for the shoe they plan to buy monthly or yearly...

6 Shoes You Can Wear All Year Round

We all know a great pair of shoes can make an outfit and–adversely–most of us are all too familiar with the sad reality that comes when an outfit fails because of a pair of shoes that just don’t work. It’s heartbreaking...

White Sneaker Outfit Inspiration

The question is what outfit doesn’t go with white sneakers?! Pair them with anything from a dress to blue jeans! Need inspiration? Check out these tips today! White sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces...

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