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Beach Jewelry Trends For 2021

Can you imagine your perfect summer holiday? Is there any exotic beach included in your dream’s summer holiday? Most people enjoy spending their vacation on the beach, admiring the breathtaking landscape and...

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Top Trending Necklaces Of 2021

A necklace is one of the oldest known jewelry pieces in the world. Their history is vast, deep, and interesting. Over the years the style of necklaces, the materials they are made out of having changed vastly. Although...


4 Essential Tips For Wearing Bracelets

Getting a bracelet is great but you also have to take the time to wear it properly. This is where a lot of people mess up as they don’t know which approach works the best to stay fashionable. If that is a place...


Tips on How to Get Your Dream Jewelry Today

While purists may tend to shop for jewelry in person, the trend is rapidly shifting to online purchases. Even though online jewelry accounts for a tiny percentage of the $257 billion global jewelry market (4 percent to...

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What Jewellery Was Big In The 60’s?

The 1960s was one of the most notable and tumultuous decades in the history of the world. This is when Kennedy’s assassination, “Beatlemania,” the first moon landing, civil rights movements, and the Gregorian calendar...

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2021 Trend Alert: Initial Jewelry

There is something really fascinating about jewelry. Women can’t simply resist wearing different jewelry pieces. And, in the last few weeks, personalized jewelry has become one of the most popular jewelry trends. Many...


5 Pieces of Jewelry Worth Splurging On

While it’s easy to look at a piece of jewelry with a high price tag and think the cost just isn’t worth it, some timeless, luxurious pieces are worth every penny. In many cases, luxury jewelry is a solid investment...


Useful Jewelry Cleaning Tips To Try

Is there any woman around there who doesn’t like sparkling jewelry? Probably not! Women adore accessorizing their look with jewelry. But, the exposure to dust and dirt as well as lotions and sop, can dull your favorite...

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