5 Changes You Can Make To Your Bedroom To Keep Your Mind And Body Rested

The bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary for finding rest and peacefulness in times when the body and mind needs healing from every day life. Make changes so you can feel most comfortable in your room. Answer “why I can’t take naps during the day“, “what else do I need in my room”, “what do I need to change” or “what theme would I want for my room”. There are 5 changes you can make to your bedroom to keep your mind and body rested.

#1 Keep the Bedding Comfortable and Calming

The bed is the first place an individual turns to for comfort when they enter a bedroom. Beds should be dressed in comfortable soft bedding that just makes a person what to jump into it. The pillows need to be fluffy, bedding needs to be in calming colors of blues and lavenders, sheets must be soft and the bed must provide comfort to the body so pure relaxation and healing can be received when one is seeking absolute rest. Mattress should be comfortable. You can get in touch with a store like Ozmattress to source a suitable mattress for your bed.

5 Changes You Can Make To Your Bedroom To Keep Your Mind And Body Rested

#2 Paint a Peaceful Atmosphere 

One of the 5 changes you can make to your bedroom to keep your mind and body rested is create a peaceful atmosphere with paint. This means the walls should be painted and decorated in calming colors, or warming colors that provide peace and happiness. Some of the best colors to paint a bedroom are light yellows, peaches, light blues, lavenders, greens and warm browns. Colors that resemble nature are best since nature is outstanding natural therapy for the mind and body.

#3 Bring Nature Indoors

Everyone knows nature is healing to the mind and the body, which is why bringing it into the bedroom in some way is necessary.  Placing freshly cut flowers in vases with the room is a wonderful way to bring nature indoors. Some of the best kinds of freshly cut flowers to use in a bedroom are German chamomile, French lavender, jasmine, gardenias and roses. These types of flowers give off calming scents that provide peacefulness to the mind. When the mind is in a peaceful state, the body can receive the rest it needs to heal so an individual can feel good inside and out. If allergens are problematic, try bringing in luscious green plants inside such as spider plants, ivory and cactuses.

#4 Keep the Room Clean and Tidy

Keeping the bedroom clean tidy is away to keep the mind and body peaceful. Anytime there is clutter in a room or space of healing, it causes chaos in the mind, which causes chaos in the body. Organizing the room so it is clean and tidy helps an individual find pure rest when they enter the room. The last thing an individual needs when they enter a bedroom is, “Oh great! Look at this mess.” Life is messy enough with all its difficulties. The bedroom should not be a place for messes, but of calmness and organization only.

#5 Always have Healing Music Playing 

Music is another beautiful tool that provides healing to the mind and body. Having it playing in the bedroom at all times, will help bring immediate peace and calmness. It is proven the sounds from instrumental music or of nature helps, the mind heal and create an uplifting energized attitude of creativity and happiness. Music is also excellent at soothing a human being to sleep and helping them wakeup in a calming manner.

Bottom Line for 5 Changes You Can Make to Your Bedroom to Keep Your Mind and Body Rested 

With these 5 changes you can make to your bedroom to keep your mind and body rested, happiness, healing and success will be easily achieved. Just remember, keep beds soft and comfortable, bring Mother Nature indoors, keep walls looking calm and peaceful, organization is a must, and music in any room provides healing and happiness. Luxury bedding by trusted brands like Ann Gish (here) is a great choice when only the most stylish and comfortable bedding will do.

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