Amazing Tips: How To Grow 2-4 Inches Of Your Hair In A Week

Hey dear ladies, for today we have a cool tip for your hair. Do you want to grow your hair in a week? So if you like to do this for your hair you should just follow some easy step to get the final result. First of all we want to give you some tips that can be very useful in these process of growing your hair Try to follow the instructions exactly. Try to do it every Friday and Saturday for excellent results Don’t wash your hair every single day, let the natural oils build up (they’re good for your hair!). Apply conditioner once a week An here are the instruction step by step as shown in the video The first step is to comb out your hair so there aren’t any tangles, The second step is to prepare the oil – warm up olive or coconut oil in a microwavable bowl for around 30 seconds. Use around 2-4 tablespoons depending on your hair length. Third step – Massage the olive oil in your scalp for around a minute. Make sure it covers your whole scalp for best results. Next Hang your head upside down. Even though it is uncomfortable, hang that way for 4 minutes. This gets the blood to your head to increase circulation and leave the oil on your hair around 2 hours. After that wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the oil. Watch the video for clearly instruction and enjoy in this cool DIY tips.


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