Fantastic Journey into the Future: Technology and innovation in Dubai

Dubai is very enthusiastic about the future, contributing to the development of the ecosystem to promote innovative solutions and promising business models. It launches programs to support startup incubators and accelerators, as well as creates “regulatory sandboxes” that allow you to develop and test new technological business models.

Fantastic Journey into the Future: Technology and innovation in Dubai

The city ranks first in the world in terms of the share of foreign direct investment (FDI) and scientific and technical exchange in the high-tech sector, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. In addition, as part of a government program, an experimental testing ground is being created in the emirate to test innovative technologies in a live environment, including Hyperloop technologies and manned aircraft.

Transport revolution

According to KPMG’s Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index report, the UAE is among the top ten countries in the world ready to implement self-driving vehicle technologies. According to the Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy, by 2030, every fourth car in the emirate will be self-driving. This applies to people’s own cars as well as to the car rental businesses as a whole. By the same period, all public transport and a large percentage of rented cars in Dubai is planned to be switched to self-driving technologies. This will allow the emirate to save $6 billion annually. And if this technology still seems something unbelievable, electric cars are already a reality. Dubai is investing heavily in support of the transition to electric vehicles – from the construction of charging stations and free parking to exemption from duties and discounts on vehicle registration. You can rent and try it yourself. Dubai can boast of the best rental services offering the most fantastic options for hire. The most luxurious sport cars rental Dubai are waiting for you!

Medicine and healthcare

The Dubai Health Authority actively assists in attracting investments and in developing policies and legislation related to licensing of new medical facilities and advanced technologies for the benefit of patients. Private medical care in Dubai accounts for more than 75% of outpatient procedures and 65% of services for inpatient patients.

The Emirate is also working on the introduction of technical innovations, such as 3D modeling, precision medicine, robotic pharmacies, digital technologies, mobile applications for a healthy lifestyle, Smart Fitness program and much more.

Smart Dubai

The Smart Dubai initiative is a guide to turning Dubai into the smart city of the future by transforming the main aspects of urban life. Since the launch of the program by the Smart Dubai Committee, more than 130 intellectual projects have been implemented in stages, which have allowed the Government of Dubai to save $1.2 billion over the past 13 years through the introduction of integrated infrastructure and joint intellectual services for 50 public sector entities.

Dubai Future Foundation

The Dubai Future Foundation is implementing a number of initiatives aimed at the development of the city. In 2019, four “laboratories of the future” appeared in Dubai at once to support entrepreneurs and develop advanced technologies. In addition, the foundation has launched Dubai Future Accelerators, an intensive 9-week program in which international technology startups will be able to cooperate with large companies and government organizations in Dubai.

The global blockchain capital

Its infrastructure plays a huge role in the successful development of Dubai’s economy. Dubai continues to invest in the creation of digital infrastructure to support economic growth and plans to become the world’s first city operating on the basis of blockchain technology. According to forecasts, by 2030, the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy sources will create 220,500 jobs throughout the region.

Virtual business residency

In addition to significant investments in infrastructure, the Government of Dubai is implementing pilot initiatives aimed at creating a favorable business environment for business growth and development in the emirate.

Dubai attracts innovators from different countries to cooperate. The Government of the Emirate strongly supports the introduction of digital technologies into everyday life. One example is the virtual business residency, which provides residents of other countries with an effective tool for conducting financial activities in Dubai without physically being in the emirate.

Resident visas for up to 10 years

Dubai offers resident visas valid for up to 10 years for specialists working in medicine, science, research and technical fields. In addition, there are many accelerators and incubators in the emirate that provide mentoring, financing and business training for young startups.

The future is already today

Today, in every sector of Dubai’s diversified economy, there are tremendous changes taking place under the influence of innovation and scientific and technological progress. The Emirate is successfully implementing new ideas and technologies necessary for the implementation of the strategy to create a city of the future based on the “three pillars”: economic stability, the well-being of residents and the principles of sustainable development.

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