DIY A Dress Out Of A T-shirt

Hello DIY lovers! There are so many different DIY projects including transforming an old t-shirt into new and useful clothing pieces. Most of them include transforming the t-shirt into a crop top. But, if you are tired of the traditional DIY crop top out of a t-shirt project, for today we have selected for you something that will leave you absolutely speechless. DIY a dress out of a t-shirt! Yes, it is possible. And in the gallery below we are inspiring you with some upcycling projects on how to DIY a dress out of a t-shirt.

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirt source

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirtsource

These dresses are perfect for any occasion and you will simply adore them. Consider any DIY a dress out of a t-shirt project below, and create some trendy and adorable dresses that will renew your wardrobe content. Create new fashionable outfit options by following some simple tips. If you are one of those people owning a large collection of old clothes that is jammed back in the closet and you have no idea how to reuse them, you are in the right spot! We are going to teach you how to make some cute DIY clothing. All these DIY projects are so easy to be done and won’t require you some extra money. They are also so easy to do and you won’t need to spend much time making them. You can do them out of old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, this way upcycling the old and transforming them into new useful pieces.

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirt source

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirt source

Why you will adore our DIY dress out of a t-shirt project?

There are many reasons why you will simply adore the transforming process. Below we are going to list some of them. If you still feel a little lazy about starting your next DIY dress out of a t-shirt project, you will get convinced once you read the following reasons. Here we go:

  • Learn some basic sewing skills and how to sew basic stitching onto knit fabric.
  • No sewing pattern is required. Each tutorial is so easy to be followed and will require you no sewing patterns.
  • These are all beginners’ projects and are followed by step-by-step tutorials that will make it easier for you to make perfect designs.
  • Improve your wardrobe by adding classic knit dresses to it.

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirtsource

How to DIY a dress out of a t-shirt?

You will need only a few simple steps and techniques to DIY a dress out of a t-shirt. Turning the big t-shirt into a dress is not very challenging so if you are a beginner in DIY projects you won’t face any problems. Start with accurate measurements and then use the essential supplies and tools to start the challenge of transformation.

DIY a dress out of a t-shirt needed materials:

  • An oversized t-shirt or any other old t-shirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Thread

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirtsource

DIY a dress out of a t-shirt ideas

DIY blouson t-shirt dress

One of the dresses that you can DIY out of a t-shirt is a blouson t-shirt dress. It is one of the most casual dresses you can make on your own. This dress has a relaxed gathering around the waist with slim knit skirt bottom. When creating such a dress simply adjust the amount of shirring to make the dress look stunning on you from every angle.

Twist front t-shirt dress

Another way to DIY a dress out of a t-shirt is to create a combination of a crop top and a high waist skirt. This is one of the most popular as well as smart ideas for the summer season. Two pieced dresses are very sexy and flirting. The twist front detail is fun to do and will make the top look even better.

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirt source

DIY A Dress Out Of A T shirtsource

Side shirring t-shirt dress

Here is an idea for one of the most flattering DIY dresses out of t-shirt ideas that you can ever try. This asymmetrical tulip silhouette skirt is super flattering. The slight side shirring gives a natural curve around the hips. This way your waistline gets quite nice looking. All you need to do is to follow the measurements and instructions to customize the right fit you’re your body.

Cold shoulder t-shirt dress

The peek-a-boo sleeves are very popular nowadays. They are so adorable. The A-line dress shape and cold shoulder details match really well. You will adore the way the dress suits your body. Also, the cutting technique required for this dress is so easy, so it is absolutely beginner-friendly.

Racerback t-shirt dress

This dress may look too sporty by itself. But, once you add little ruffles along the shoulders the dress gets an absolutely new dimension. It transforms into a cute dress that you can wear to a casual setting.

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