How To Make Budget Clothes Look Expensive

First impressions are incredibly important, and they can help or hinder you in both your professional and personal lives. That’s why looking good and wearing clothes that suit you and that look expensive can make a big difference when you want to impress. Not everyone is going to have the budget to pay for designer clothing, however, but that’s not a problem. Luckily, there are some clever, easy ways to make any piece of clothing look more expensive than it was. Here are some that you can try at home; see the difference it makes to how you are perceived and what you are able to achieve.

How To Make Budget Clothes Look Expensivesource

Make An Investment

Sometimes the best way to make your clothes look and feel more expensive is to actually buy more expensive clothes. We don’t mean that every item in your closet should be designer and cost many hundreds of dollars (if not more), but having one or two very high-quality pieces, ones that are going to be able to be worn on numerous occasions for many years to come, is a great idea. Although these will cost a lot more than your average clothing, you can look at them as an investment – particularly if you want to look smart for an interview or important meetings. You might want to consider a small personal loan to ensure that you can get exactly what you want, and Crediful has all the details on which ones are the best.

Make It Fit

Whether you’re browsing in a designer store, in a shopping mall, or in a thrift shop, the advice about clothing is always going to be the same: make sure it fits. Now, this does not mean trying everything on and only buying the items that fit you perfectly. It means buying items that you like and that look stylish, even if they don’t quite fit. Why? Because when you get them home, you can take them to a tailor or invest in a sewing machine and make the alterations yourself. You can:

  • Shorten the sleeves
  • Move buttons
  • Cinch the waist
  • Add embellishments (but not too many or you will ruin the look)
  • Let the fabric out or bring it in

Once you have made the changes, the item might be completely unrecognizable from the one you originally bought, and the new fit will make it look expensive and chic.

Change The Buttons

No matter how great the shirt, jacket, coat, or pants look, if the buttons are cheap plastic, the entire outfit will look cheap too, even if the fit and the fabric should be able to say otherwise. The fix for this problem is a simple one; just replace the buttons.

You can find beautiful buttons in most fabric stores, or you can head to a thrift store and buy a cheap piece of clothing that you don’t intend to wear, but that has just the buttons you’re looking for. Alternatively, go online to a site such as Etsy where people make their own buttons or sell vintage ones, and you’ll soon find exactly what you are looking for. Snipping off the old buttons and replacing them with these new, more expensive looking ones will make a world of difference to the overall look of the garment.

Wash It Less

The more you wash your clothing, the more worn it will look, and the more worn it looks, the cheaper it looks. So although you, of course, want to keep your clothes nice and clean, you don’t want to over wash them as this will wear the fabric and fade the colors.

When you remove your clothing, pay attention to exactly how it looks. If there are small spots of grime, then you can spot clean it with a toothbrush or sponge, for example, rather than put the whole thing in the laundry. If you’ve only worn the item for a few hours, then it can usually be worn again without the need to wash it. Doing this will make your clothes last for much longer and look better too.

Keep Things Simple

The more embellished a piece of clothing is, the cheaper it will look. If you can keep things simple, then you will automatically have clothing that looks more expensive. Cut back on the accessories such as jewelry because that simply detracts from the clothing. One or two statements pieces is fine, but anything more is too much and won’t work well for any look you’re going for. Try to minimalize what you are wearing and let the clothing speak for itself.

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