How to Make Your Beauty Blog Stand Out

So you want to join the game? As a prominent fashion website, we have come in contact with many fashion journalists and beauty bloggers and have come to understand some of the tricks of the trade. The two questions that always seem to come up from the noobies is “how did you get started?” and “how did you become successful?”

From the beginning, using a reputable service like this to host a blog made through WordPress will be a great idea from the start. Having help from companies that are experienced and knowledgeable is one hurdle down. Although almost every beauty blogger will have a different story for success, there are some elements that are present in all of the successful blogs that we work with which help these blogs to stand out from the crowd, and which we believe are part and parcel to the overall success of these blogs.

How to Make Your Beauty Blog Stand Out(Photo credit)

Incredibly Engaging Content

Ultimately, for anyone to frequent and follow a blog, the content has to be good. You need to have content that actually reaches people and keeps them engaged. What will set your blog apart from the other hundreds of beauty blogs out there is finding a niche audience to communicate to. Whether it’s simple DIY hair styling tips, beauty hacks, or fashion designer reviews, know your niche and become a voice of authority in this sector. Focusing on everything can make your blog and voice less practical, so pick a focus and stick to it.

Speak With, Don’t Speak At

Speaking of interactive, it is important that you get your readers involved. In order to do this, you should always speak with your audience, not at them. Ensure that they can comment and respond to your content, and get them involved by asking them for their tips and feedback and publish some of their content in your posts.

One of the best interactive methods that many bloggers overlook is the mailing list. Of course you need to be active on social media and be engaging your readers in real-time through blog comments, but in order to get those dedicated readers who follow your blog and give your blog loyal traffic, you need to get them on the email list. Building an effective email list takes time, but is well worth the investment. One way that works is including a lightbox popup window on your blog that encourages the reader to enter their email address before leaving your site.

Since almost everything in this fast-paced world is out of mind once out of sight, the email reminder in your readers’ inboxes lets them know a new post has been published and reminds them of your blog. They then visit the blog to read the new content and you secure yourself some repeat web traffic and brand/blog loyalty. This is ultimately how you build your loyal reader base.

Be Visually Appealing

Although your readers will stay because of your practical and useful content, most are originally drawn to your site through visual appeal. Having a unique and quality design and a blog that is well managed can be a major determining factor of a blog’s overall success to draw in web traffic. Your blog will be memorable if it visually stands out. Keep your clutter to a minimum and don’t overwhelm your reader. Striking that perfect balance can be tricky, but that is where a great web developer or blog developing software can really come in handy and be a good investment.

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