How to Remove Hair from Bikini Line at Home Yourself

No one wants an untrimmed bikini line especially when it comes to offseason fun by the beach. Most people are so sensitive when it comes to having the hair around this area shaved. The main reason is either because they are afraid to get hurt, or they do not know of a safe technique to use. Most will confess they want a painless method to achieve desired results.

You might have been carried away by the price of bikini trimmers, and now you are looking for inexpensive ways to trim down your bikini line. So what is the safest technique? Look no further. Below we answer that question by introducing DIY methods that will help achieve a clean bikini shave.


  1. Hair Removal Creams.

This is the most popular DIY technique to get rid of body hair. The cream is quick and painless with an action duration of less than three minutes. Hair removal creams come in different shapes specially designed for different body parts. You, therefore, need to determine the correct format gel for your bikini line. Again the cream should not be too hot for your skin since this might irritate.

With this technique, you apply the gel to the body contour and wait for a few minutes (mostly 2-3). Finally scrap off the area with your fingers after every minute, making sure you do not exceed the instructed time. Suitable examples of hair removal creams ideal for the bikini line include body curve and veet cream.


  1. Bikini Line wax.

There has been a lot of debate concerning this method. Some have considered it painful, while others claim it is the safest way to remove hair from the bikini line. This technique achieves a clean line but with a few remaining hairs. Of Course, it is suitable for people who do not want to lose all their hair. Various cosmetic shops and salons stock DIY waxing kits.

After the shaving, your skin will become numb, but the shave will remain permanent. In this method, the person shaving should ensure the wax is not hot for the skin as this may cause permanent burns and irritations. Even though waxing is a DIY, most people will recommend one to undergo it at the salon. professionals at the salon ensure you observe hygiene.


  1. Shaving

Most women dislike this method because it leaves behind a dark undergrowth and ingrown hair that hinder a clean bikini line aftershave. The person also encounters some itching. when you consider this technique, don’t forget the need for antiseptic creams or soap to get rid of rashes. You will also need a razor blade to carry this out. Before you shave, ensure you wash the pubic area with warm water. Wait for it to dry and finally cut.


  1. Aloe Vera for a permanent shave.

There has been a misconception that when baking soda is mixed with coffee grounds, the resultant mixture can permanently remove hair. This is not true. In fact, it causes pores and itches on your pubic area. However, shaving the bikini line while applying a soothing agent like aloe Vera will stop your hair from growing. First, you should soak yourself on the bath tub for ten minutes to soften your pubic area before finally doing the shave. Using a bikini razor is highly recommended.


  1. Sugar waxing.

The origin of this method is in the Middle East. The technique adheres to the root of the hair, unlike the traditional waxing which adheres to the skin. A sticky paste is applied on the pubic hair, and helps grip out hair by the root. The sugar wax recipe is normally composed of water, lemon juice, and sugar. The mixture is cooked in a saucepan into an ember concoction which is then applied on the bikini area. make sure you use it after washing your bikini area with antiseptic soap. Trimming hair before waxing is also advisable


To achieve extra clean bikini lines, observe the following guidelines;

  • Avoid using scented products, sunbathing and swimming.
  • Exfoliate the skin 24 hours before use of any of the techniques mentioned above
  • Wear soft cotton underwear

If you are trying to save on every penny and can’t afford to visit an expert, the above methods are worth your time and effort if you want to enjoy a hair clean bikini line.

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