Tips To Make Perfect Heatless Curls

Want to freshen up the look of your hair with large curls, and thus do not burn it? We have the perfect solution to this problem for every women. You can just find a thicker rubber band that will not slip easily and put in the middle of the crown. After this procedure you will quit curling iron, and all similar “tools” that promise you perfect curls. Many people use curling irons, figaro, hairbrushes, etc… But there is also a healthier and easier way to create stunning heatless curls. There is almost no member of the fairer sex who does not like to make heatless curls and waves in her hair.

Usually, a curling iron, an iron or a brush and a hair dryer are used for these purposes, but there are also less harmful ways to get the desired hairstyle. They do not require heat, they are practical and anyone can implement them! A bit messy, vintage curls have been an absolute hit among hairstyles for a few seasons now. But it’s common knowledge that frequent use of curling irons or flat irons damages hair. So we’ve found a tutorial for you that will help you create curls with just one hair band. If sweaty hands and damaged hair are something you’re dealing with, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few other ways you can create curls, and recently, the ultimate hit is the scarf twist.

Unique Ways To Make Heatless Curls

Comb the hair and divide it into two parts, right and left. Center the scarf on the scalp and let the ends fall from the sides over the hair, around which you will twist the hair. First, take one strand of hair, wrap it around the scarf, then take another strand of the same thickness as the first, add it to the first and wrap it around the scarf again. Repeat this process until that half of your hair is gone. You can tie the end with a rubber band, and repeat the same procedure on the other side of the head. Then, twist each side into a bun against the head and pin it with bobby pins so it doesn’t move. If you don’t have a scarf, you can use a belt made from a bathrobe or a stramplice instead.

If you want messy heatless curls, make braids of different thicknesses, so you will get light waves of different dimensions. Use small, thin rubber bands to tie the braid at the end, because otherwise there will be a crease from thicker rubber bands and it will look ugly. Be sure to apply hairspray well and enjoy your naughty hair. For me, the curls last a day, but in the evening you can repeat the procedure on the same day, just wet your hair a little and braid it.

Plastic Straws For Afro Curls

With this method, you will get very small afro curls that last several days until you wash your hair. So, the procedure is almost the same as with fabrics. It is recommended to wrap thin strands around the straw and tie the straw at the end. Also, let the hair be a little damp, add a little foam or hair gel for additional strengthening. Leave for a few hours (from 5 to 6) or sleep over if you can. You can put a scarf on it and it should be easier to sleep. Don’t forget to put an older pillowcase so that the bedclothes don’t get greasy from foam or gel if you put something like that on your hair.

So, watch the tutorial below and enjoy doing your favorite heatless curls!



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