She Dips Her Nails Into Rubbing Alcohol. The Result? Magical!

Nail art has become very popular nowadays. From a simple nail beautification with some stunning colors to truly creative designs that are impressive art and that looks spectacular. We are pretty sure that you all have do some experiments when it comes about your nails. If you are a DIY lover that maybe this super easy DIY tutorial how to create an unique nail design could be right your next fast lovely DIY project. Yes you rea right this tutorial is very very easy fast cheap and the final result is amazing. And if you do this i m sure that all your friend will ask ” On what way you do this”?
You need to grab some basic polish (base/top coat and grey), rubbing alcohol (vodka can be subbed in a pinch), and newspaper. The black and white looks classy but Sunday comics would be fun and colorful. Than paint your nails with a light grey color of nail polish, and then let them dry completely. After that take a basic rubbing alcohol that you can get at any drug store or beauty supply store and pour some into a small container and simply just dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds.

After these 5 seconds pass, put a small piece of newspaper onto your nail for around 15 seconds. Then just peel it off and the ink from the newspaper will remain on your nail! So amazing isn’t it? Enjoy!


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