Overhauling Your Work Wardrobe

When you look at your work wardrobe, what do you see? Do you see a lot of clothes that you have not worn before, or do you see a lot of clothes that are ready for the trash? If you are not happy with the work clothes in your wardrobe, then you will struggle to enjoy wearing them, and most likely, you will avoid them at all costs. In order to have a wardrobe that makes you feel confident and look fantastic, too, you often need to go through a complete overhaul. You may well be long overdue for an overhaul if perhaps you have had a new job or if you have lost or gained weight. If your wardrobe is full of clothes and pieces that no longer make you feel good, then it is time to refresh, renew, and start again.

Overhauling Your Work Wardrobe

Out with the Old and in with the New

It is important to refresh your wardrobe at least once a year. If you do not refresh your wardrobe, then you will get stuck in a rut, and you will struggle to move forwards. If you cannot move forwards, then your job or your career prospects may soon falter too. Feeling confident in the clothes that you wear and looking good in the clothes that you wear is important. Having a good clear-out session at least once a year gives you the chance and the opportunity to revamp your style. Sometimes throughout the year, it is tempting to buy clothes or outfits, and quite often, you realize when you come to clear out that you have never actually worn any of these outfits. Getting rid of some of your clothes can be difficult, especially if some of them are unworn. However, in this case, you need to think of the greater good. If you haven’t worn something already, then the chances are that you will not wear it in the future. Similarly, if you have worn an outfit or a piece of clothing over and over again, you will be ready for a change.

Decluttering and Selling Your Unwanted Items

Once you have begun the process of decluttering, it is time to establish what clothes you have that can be sold. At this point, you also need to establish what items of clothing can be given or donated to charity. Doing a split between donating to charity/goodwill and selling on will leave you feeling good and will also leave you with a bit of extra cash in your pocket. This extra cash can, of course, be spent on new clothing and accessories for your work wardrobe.

Sorting out Your Work Wardrobe

To get the most out of your wardrobe, you need to sort it out. Organizing your wardrobe or closet and getting it in color, size, and style order will allow you to quickly put together an outfit (even on those days when you are running late). A disorganized or overly full work wardrobe can leave you feeling confused and stressed, and this is not something that you want – especially when you are running late! Finding an organizational system that works for you is important. For example, if you like things in order by color, then arrange your wardrobe to suit this, or if you like whole outfits together (including shoes and accessories), then apply this approach to your wardrobe.

Creating a Work Clothing Capsule

Having a capsule will save you time and effort and will ensure that you can make every minute count in the morning. To create a work capsule, you need to incorporate a couple of pieces that can be used with different outfits. For example, if you can use those kitten heels with a trouser suit as well as a skirt suit, then they should definitely be going in your capsule. Putting together a capsule may take up time, but it will save you time, and it will ensure that you always have a work outfit ready to go.

Clothes That Fit

When you wear clothes that don’t fit you properly, you don’t feel as confident as you could or should. When you don’t feel confident in your clothing, you will not wear it as well as you should. Making sure that your wardrobe is only full of clothing that fits properly is essential. It can be painful having a large-scale try on your whole wardrobe. It can also be time-consuming. However, something that it is, is worthwhile. When you get rid of clothes that no longer fit you, you give yourself a quick boost and a quick win. If items of clothing are too small for you, and you are not planning to lose any weight, then get rid of them, as it will only depress you to have smaller clothes hanging around.

Colors and Cut

Not all colors and cuts will suit you. When you find a cut that works for you and that suits you, you will look fantastic, and you will feel fabulous. If you are not sure which colors suit you, then it may be worthwhile investing in a color consultation with a stylist. Seeing which colors work with your skin tone and your hair will ensure that you fill your wardrobe with clothes that compliment every part of you. Just like with colors, not all cuts suit you. Some cuts are better for younger people, and some cuts, especially on skirts and suits, compliment any figure and height. When you get the right cut for your clothes, you feel like a million dollars.

Reducing the Number of Clothes and Accessories You Have

Do you really need all of those items that are still left hanging in your wardrobe? Even after you have had a good decluttering session, you are still left with a large number of clothes and accessories. In reality, will you wear all of these, and will you use all of these? The answer is probably no. Just keeping a few go-to pieces is what you need to be focusing your efforts on. When it comes to accessories, try and keep a few pieces that work with several outfits. If you have different accessories for each outfit, then your wardrobe will be cluttered once more.

Thinking About Your Job or Career

When it comes to your workwear, it is important to build a wardrobe around what your job or career is. For example, if you work all day in an office, you will want to be casual and comfortable. However, if you are studying for a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program and you are visiting doctors’ practices or health practices, then you will need to focus on formal wear. Styling and tailoring your wardrobe to your job will ensure that you always have an outfit for every day of the week. If you are unsure about what to wear, then you could utilize a stylist. A stylist will help you determine what clothes you should wear and when.

Stylish Clothes – Ready for Any Season – Hitting the Shops

Before you go shopping, you need to think about what you will wear throughout the seasons. Having clothes that fit and work for every season is just as important as anything else. So, what will you wear for spring, how will you approach summer, and what will you wear in the fall? If you do not have the right type of clothing for the season that you are in, then you can be left feeling uncomfortable and not as confident as you should. When you go shopping, you may be tempted to get as much as you can for your budget; however, investing in statement pieces can help you build a wardrobe that lasts the test of time.

Clothes That Serve a Purpose

It is important to remember that the clothes in your work wardrobe serve a purpose. When you look at your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you have to make sure that they serve this purpose. If they do not, then you need to go back to the drawing board again. Taking your time to get your work clothing just right is time that is well spent and invested. When you are at work, you want to feel good, and you want to look good. You do not want to be worried about if you look good enough or if you are in style.


When you are overhauling your wardrobe , and you are visiting the shops to restock your daily wear, it is important to think about sustainability. Not all the clothes that you look at are going to be sustainable. If you are after cheap and cheerful fashion, then sustainability is not one of your priorities; however, if you are looking for pieces that last longer than one season, then sustainability should be a top concern of yours. When you invest in sustainable pieces, you can ensure that they look and feel good season after season, and isn’t this what you want? You don’t want to have to be worrying about going shopping every month to replace the items in your work wardrobe.

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