how to treat sunburn

How To Treat Sunburn Naturally

Too much exposure to sun can sunburn your skin. If you have no proper protection from sunscreen and clothes then the high UV rays can really damage your skin. In order to heal and soothe the stinging skin, it is crucial...

diy clothing projects

DIY Clothing Projects To Try

Summer is finally here. The weather outside is getting too hot for any activity out of the home. That make it the best time to finally reorganize your closet and take away all the clothes that you don’t wear...

beach accessories

Beach Jewelry Trends For 2021

Can you imagine your perfect summer holiday? Is there any exotic beach included in your dream’s summer holiday? Most people enjoy spending their vacation on the beach, admiring the breathtaking landscape and...


Stress-Free Wedding Planning Guide

The season of wedding parties is officially opened. Summer wedding are definitely the most preferable ones for brides to be. And with so many things that need to be done, wedding planning can be a really stressful...


How To Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is probably the most thrilling one in your whole life.  Spending the rest of your life with your beloved one deserves a big celebration. Many brides to be wait their whole life for the moment thy get...

gorjana Jewelry | Parker Necklace

Top Trending Necklaces Of 2021

A necklace is one of the oldest known jewelry pieces in the world. Their history is vast, deep, and interesting. Over the years the style of necklaces, the materials they are made out of having changed vastly. Although...


Amazing alternatives for Vaseline

We all share a very old and loving relationship with vaseline. From our childhood to now, we have used this magic potion and seen people use it all the time. Be it a slight bruise on the knee or be it chapped lips...

baby clothes

Baby Clothes: The Latest Trends

When you have a baby, you will want to dress them in nice and warm clothes. If you are a modern parent, you will also want your baby to dress in trendy outfits. Clothes are essential as they make us warm and comfortable...

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