See How Eating Too Much Wine, Gluten, And Sugar Can Harm Your Face

Hey ladies and dear fashionistas when it comes about beauty care i’m sure that you are ready to do everything just to look always like you wish. The skin care is also important part of the whole beauty routine process. I hope that you already know that the health of your skin depends of what are you eat. It’s no secret that poor diet and generally unhealthy lifestyle choices can effect your appearance over time, but did you know that that second glass of wine or extra piece of toast could be having an immediate impact on your complexion? Nigma Talib is a doctor and for a Daily Mail she explains how certain foods and beverages you consume can harm your face. She especially focuses on sugar, gluten, milk and wine and how they influence your skin and face. Below you can see parts of her study and some useful tips. I m sure that this will help you in your beauty routine at all. Enjoy!

1. Dairy Face

Typical symptoms- swollen eyelids, dark under eye circles, pimples on the chin area. All these symptoms show that you have milk intolerance and that you should stop consuming milk and dairy products. For fixing this just try avoiding it for three weeks. If dairy is indeed the culprit responsible for your skin problems, not only will your face clear up, your digestion and overall energy levels should improve.

See How Eating Too Much Wine, Gluten, And Sugar Can Harm Your Face source

2. Gluten face

Typical symptoms of people who suffer from gluten intolerance- swollen, red cheeks; acne and chin discoloration. Experts believe that 15% of the world population suffer from gluten intolerance. Try to fin on this way: Depending on the extent of your sensitivity, it is definitely smart to see a doctor and inquire about gluten in your diet. If gluten is responsible for your skin problems, cut it entirely from your diet. Stay hydrated and be sure to consume the recommended amount of fiber daily.See How Eating Too Much Wine, Gluten, And Sugar Can Harm Your Face source

3. Sugar face

People who have sugar intolerance have many wrinkles and lines on their forehead; they’re swollen around the eye area and have dry and tight skin. Sugar contains molecules that bond with collagen and that cause your skin to lose its elasticity.

Ways To Fix It: Cut as many corn sugar products out of your diet as possible. Avoid simple carbohydrates like white breads and stay away from processed sugars and foods. Use honey, maple syrup, agave, or other natural sweeteners instead of simple white sugar.

See How Eating Too Much Wine, Gluten, And Sugar Can Harm Your Face source

4.Wine face

Typical symptoms of people who consume too much alcohol or are alcohol intolerant- too much wrinkles between the eyebrows, enlarged pores, dehydrated skin, red cheeks and lines under the nose.  Ways To Fix It: Give yourself a break from the bottle. Try taking three or four weeks off from drinking and you just might be delighted to see how your skin and body feels. When you do want to partake in some drinkables, remember not to overdo it. Drink in moderation and only rarely throughout the week.

See How Eating Too Much Wine, Gluten, And Sugar Can Harm Your Facesource

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