Shopping Experiences Are Taking Over Shopping Centres

In the US, there is a current television advert which divides people into two categories: The “Haves” and the “Have Dones.” The premise of the commercial is to invite customers to buy into the idea of the shopping experience, rather than shop for the sake of getting goods. The rationale is that, those who really “have done” supersede those who “have bought” a product. The “have dones”, by getting a shopping experience package, not only get to own a product — They also end up owning everything that the product represents while having a special and unforgettable moment in time.

Powerful, right?
So, what is the difference between shopping at a regular shopping mall, versus a “shopping experience?”

Shopping Experiences Are Taking Over Shopping Centres

Shopping at the mall

  • enter
  • shop
  • pay
  • leave

The Shopping experience

  • enter
  • be visually attacked by the myriad of different things to do at the mall
  • shop
  • check more things
  • actively engage with the different activities
  • Shop some more (hey, why not?)
  • get hungry/ tired and eat right there at the mall
  • go home after a few fun hours

Who came up with this idea?

A 2014 article from CNBC had already hinted at how sociologists have made connections as to how the younger generations, their interaction with technology and their cognitive need to be continuously stimulated, were variables considered to designing would be the shopping experience of the future. This is already taking place today, and malls such as Minnesota in the U.S., and the Dubai Mall, are examples of it.

Businessmen, architects and creative artists got together to concoct a gallery of dynamics that will engage the shoppers who enjoy total sensory engagement that will keep them at the mall longer, buying more, and enjoying themselves enough to come back for another visit soon.

The experience malls, such as The Mall of America and The Dubai Mall feature anything from

  • aquaria
  • museums
  • movie theatres
  • skating rinks
  • day care centres
  • spas
  • Restaurants
  • Arcades
  • urgent care walk-in clinics

Essentially, the futuristic (and contemporary, modern) shopper will wonder where it is worth spending their hard-earned money: at a boring place, or at a place where they can make the most out of their time, their money, or their day?

The more the ideas expand, which they will, the quicker the shopping experience will extinguish the typical mall.

What it means for you? Shopping centre today is not just a place where you buy stuff you need. It is a place where you can shop, enjoy pampering from a spa, go to a salon and get your hair and nails done, have the much-needed coffee break and a lot more. You can even have a game of hair and beauty bingo when you’re in the salon. It is simply a place where you come out “feeling good” about yourself.

Financial purpose of the shopping experience

The rationale behind these types of shopping centres is that a typical customer with multiple things to do, with children in tow, and with many stops to make, will be able to do it all in one visit.

The other implication is that such patrons will spend twice or three times as much money in this one place than they would at an average mall. Why drag your children and husband to a bare shopping mall where everyone will be stressed out, when you can take them to the equivalent of an amusement park with convenient stores inside?

Now ask yourself: Where would YOU rather spend your money and shopping time?

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