Simply Beauty Trick Every Woman Must Know

Every woman dreams of being beautiful. Although we all think that we look perfect at any time of the day, but it is not so, especially in the early hours of the day when we are preparing for work. But do not worry, you can solve all the beauty related problems in a very easy and simple way. Take a look at the post, read the tricks we prepared and see for yourself.

1. Nail Filer

Every woman wants to have beautiful, arranged nails. Perhaps some nails will not be noticed by the stronger gender, but there are women to admire us and women we admire them. It is normal that every woman wants long nails, but not everyone can grow them. Therefore, if you want your nails to grow faster, you need to regularly burn them. Nails on average grow about 3 millimeters a month. But every 15 days you need to keep them by pushing them. Choose a nice file and start an action

Simply Beauty Trick Every Woman Must Know source

2. To save your clothes from sweat stains, place this pad on your under arms

You have problems with sweating. You want to get rid of the annoying circles that appear on your clothes of sweating. All you need to do is get one insole, and put it on your bosom. The sweat will be absorbed into the pouch and the circles will disappear. Now you can go out and enjoy the sun.

Simply Beauty Trick Every Woman Must Know source

3. Broken lipstick

Your lipstick is broken. You want to restore the broken lipstick in a normal shape. All you have to do is melt some karmint with a cigarette lighter. Place the melted part above the base of the lipstick and re-heat the edges. Be careful not to melt the entire lipstick.

Simply Beauty Trick Every Woman Must Know source

4.  Winged Eyeliner

Many girls adore eye-catchers. But the problem is how to use it properly. So we’ll show you how to do it in an easier way. Tighten the eyelid and pull a straight line from the inside to the ends, following every corner of your eye. The line should be as close as possible to the eye. At the lower part of the eye, make a line from the ends to the tear part. If you want to look even more beautiful, use a shade or a pencil with a brown tint.

Simply Beauty Trick Every Woman Must Know source

5. Fuller Lips

To make your lips more complete and beautiful, fill the center of your lips with a lighter shade of lipstick.

Simply Beauty Trick Every Woman Must Knowsource

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