Surprising Way Of Cleaning Your Shoes Using Household Items

Each one of us has a favorite pair of shoes but there are some scratch or stain that can not allow us to wear them with pleasure as before.
You know that we are always here to show you the best hacks and tips and to help you save time and money.
In addition we present you a few tips how to have a clean shoes:

1. Lacquered shoes

In a bowl put nail polish removal then put the hygienic sticks to soak in it. After that clean the stains on the shoes, and the results will be immediately apparent.

Surprising Way Of Cleaning Your Shoes Using Household Itemssource

2. Canvas shoes

For this type of shoes, you need a little water on which you will add a little baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Stir them and with a toothbrush rub the dirty parts of your shoes. You will see the results.

3. Leather shoes

The changeable weather like this, especially the conditions of rain and snow can create many stains on your shoes that are likely to bother you. The solution is spray in a spray bottle in which you will mix water and vinegar. Before use shake the bottle and spray the dirty parts, then clean with a brush or cloth.

How many times has happened to you when walking to place your feet in the gum? Probably many times, you do not need to worry it has an easier solution to take care. Take a few ice cubes, and  roll them over the chewing gum and then simply remove the gum.

watch the full instruction on the video bellow


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