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Wedding Outfit Mistakes No One Warns You About

We all dream about our wedding dress at some point in our life, and the day that we are going to wear them is a big day. With the amount of anticipation, stress, and exhaustion before the wedding day itself, it is possible that you may overlook something really small but still important. In reality, there are a couple of mistakes that the bride to be may commit regarding their outfit.

To help you avoid these common blunders, we made this guide on some wedding outfit mistakes you can avoid.

Wedding Outfit Mistakes No One Warns You About

Choosing Shoes You Aren’t Comfortable With

Like everything, you will wear your shoes the whole time, starting from the wedding to reception. The common mistake people do is buy something which is just pretty. You might be tempted to choose the prettiest 6 inches heels in the shop but think about if it will match your gown or will you be comfortable with it. You will also need to walk, dance, and socialize while wearing it so make sure that it will not cause you blisters, will not make you trip and will match your wedding gown. You just need to put a little bit of effort and you can find a balance between looking fab and feeling comfy.

Wearing Bright and Inappropriate Undergarments

Most of our wedding dresses are white and some shade of white, although there are different styles and materials, it is not impossible for your undergarment to become noticeable. That is why wedding dress undergarments are important and should be chosen wisely. Your bra may show at any point, your strap can fall from your shoulders, the hook can show at the back or it can simply be in the wrong color. Same as underwear, wear one that will accentuate your shape, fit your form, and not bright and loud. You can opt for nude or white ones, so it will not pop out and be distracting while you are wearing it. No matter what you choose make sure that you are beautiful and comfortable wearing it.

Over Accessorizing

Wedding Outfit Mistakes No One Warns You About

Your accessories should enhance your look and wedding dress, not overpower them. When choosing accessories, try them on while you are wearing your gown or picture yourself while you are wearing it. You don’t need a huge and loud hair dress, earring, necklace, and bracelets to go with your gown. Opt for a small and dainty one or even a family heirloom. You might already have the perfect wedding gown so ensure that you are not ruining it with the wrong accessories.

Sizing Up or Down In Your Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, many brides choose the wrong size of their wedding dress. What they don’t know is that aside from it will not look good, it is also uncomfortable. Try as much as possible to choose the most accurate size, don’t size up, and don’t choose a smaller size. Don’t think about unnecessary thoughts like you are going to put on weight and don’t pressure yourself to lose a lot of weight. Order your original size and have it altered near your wedding date.

A wedding is a grand and important event, so you have to make sure that you look good and feel good. Aside from these couple of things mentioned above, make sure that you are prepared mentally and emotionally. Happiness and confidence is still the best thing you can wear on your wedding day.

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