Welcome Summer with Cooling Home Décor Ideas

Summer months are special as this is the time when you can make most of your day by adding colors, coolants, and comfort to your home. When the sun is shining bright in the sky, it fills your body and mind with added energy that can be used for creating the right ambience to channelize this added vigor. You can create the whole new décor for indoors and outdoors with the appropriate choice of accessories and making little alterations to the existing setup. This will be the best way to welcome summers with pomp without investing much from your pocket.

Welcome Summer with Cooling Home Décor Ideas

Get the most out of nature

Nature gives you many things, moreover you get them all for free. Using the hints from nature to decorate your home would make it cost-effective and eco-friendly. While making the indoors ready for summer, bring in the plants, flowers, and sprigs from the garden to add the freshness to the place. Use the colorful stones in their natural form to line the pots or decorate a corner in the house. Summer is the time to spend with nature, hence the seating arrangement that was concentrated around the fire place in winter may be shifted near the window to get the sun even while you are sitting inside the house.

Use water displays for cooling effect

As winter requires fire place and heaters to keep you warm whole day through, summer requires more of water display for cooling effect. Find places in your house where you can put up water bottles or arrange some impromptu bar. You can also use transparent bottle to arrange flowers or branches in water. This will add colors and the eyes will get instant soothing effect because of water. Using a corner to arrange a table with drinks, glasses, fruits, and flowers would add summer zing to the room.

Upholstery, throws, and linen

Replacing the dark and heavy linen, throws, and upholstery with light colored ones would be the easiest out of all. You can keep a separate set for winter and summer, so that it is easy to change the look and feel according to the season. Light colored linen with some nature inspired motifs can be used to make the room ready for summer. Adding a bright yellow, green, sky blue, or white colored throw in the living space would also bring in an instant summer effect. Also replace heavy lamp shades with the paper lanterns to bring in the sunny shades.

Think beyond the boundaries

Make the maximum use of outdoor space in summer to get the sun and fresh summer air. Think beyond the boundaries and furnish the outdoors as elegantly as the indoors to use them for the activities during the daytime. Add some tree chairs and raw wood table in the patio to use it for meal time. Use it for at least one meal during the day and that can be your breakfast time as morning sun will fill you up with fresh energy that you can use for rest of the day.


Wall-hangings may be there on the wall but the impression is felt in the whole room. Though you may have chosen the wall-hangings and other art pieces that go well with the décor of the room, you can still make changes for summer. Bring in the colors to your home without spending hefty. You don’t have to purchase the original work of the artist for that but some simple paintings available online or at the flea market will also do. You can buy some big sized paintings or opt for multiple small sized frames. These paintings or wall pieces may depict maximum colors in the form of natural motifs, modern art, or portraits. Kitchen or dining area hangings can comprise of paintings of fruits, canisters, or summer coolers as these paintings may also act as indirect coolants.

Fragrance for the season

Every season has its own fragrance and your liking for the scent would also depend on the ongoing season. While the winter scents have heating elements those for summer may have cooling effect. Cucumber melon, lemon grass, citrus fragrances, and ocean breeze are fresh scents that one can use in summer.

Welcome each new season with unique preparation as it will make the entire season special and feel your body with new energy of nature.

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