What Will Happen If You Keep Aluminum Foil on Your Teeth for 1 Hour?

Dear all after receiving a few comments about the presented below tip we have decided to share it with you as one effective homemade treatments that worked for the most people.
The classic teeth whitening does not work on all teeth, especially if they are gray, as the effect is not visible, and it is only more effective when it comes to yellow teeth.
Instead of that there are many products on the market for teeth whitening and it is too expensive while you find which is the right one for your teeth. Or going to the dentist, but is pretty expensive.

If you are looking some cheap method and effective in the same time that you need to try the presented below.
Actually here is what we are talking about:

What Will Happen If You Keep Aluminum Foil on Your Teeth for 1 Hour?source


Make your own toothpaste for teeth whitening and here is the way:

Take a little baking soda and mix it with your usual toothpaste
Take a piece of aluminum foil, and fold it so that it becomes wide and long as your teeth
Apply the paste you got to the foil, and then put the foil on your teeth
Let the foil stay on your teeth for an hour
If you want to get faster and better results, repeat this procedure twice a day in the following seven days.

Only after several days you will notice the first results, and in some cases, you will have to wait for a few weeks. According to the dentists, this teeth whitening treatment is completely safe and there are no risks to your teeth health if you practice it.


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