Why do your jewellery pieces look cheap?

Yes, it is fun to accessorise your outfits, because it helps you make them look more stylish. But, lately you have started to doubt that you are making the right choices, when it comes to pairing jewelleries and clothes, because some of your friends keep stating that your accessories look cheap. If you are passionate about jewelleries, you have to remember that you have to choose items that look good, and not all your jewelleries can be worn with the clothing items you have in your wardrobe. If you want to always feel confident and to be a fashion model, then you have to identify what is the reason why your friends consider that you wear cheap accessories, and that they do not match with your outfits. Here are some signs you should pay attention to if you want to upgrade your looks.

Why do your jewellery pieces look cheap?

You have numerous feather-embellished jewellery

Feathers had their time in the ‘70s when the boho movement was in a great rise, but nowadays they are not seen anywhere close to the runaway. If the fashion designers do not promote them, they have a reason, they are not a high trend now, and you should get rid of your jewellery pieces that feature feathers. In case you have a passion for feathers, and you want to wear them, you should pay attention to how they look, because feathers are delicate and they can easily get dirty and break. Today they can look gorgeous, but tomorrow they can look like they have been taken straight-up garbage, if you forgot to take them off, when you jumped in the pool, for example.

If you like feathers, and you want to stay in trend, you should choose a feather shaped carved in metal, or curt out of a stone. It will last longer and no bird will be killed in order to create the jewellery.

You wear cheesy commemorative jewellery

Why do your jewellery pieces look cheap?

Yes, it was a cute thing to have a “best friends” pedant around your neck when you were a teenager, but now you are a working adult, and your commemorative accessories impress no one. Your jewellery should be beautiful, and they should also be age appropriate. If you want to have an item to remind you daily of your best friend, you should search a piece of jewellery you both like, and buy two identical items.

Your accessories are turning your skin green

The good news is that you are not transforming into a mutant, the bad news is that everyone talks about your bad taste at jewellery when you are not around. If you use to wear copper accessories, you should know that it is the type of metal that often turns your skin green. There are cases when even silver and nickel have this side effect.

In order to avoid skin stains you should wear jewellery made from metals like gold, or gold combined with other metals. There are few chances you to be able to prevent getting these stains, because it depends on your body’s chemistry. Some persons do not experience this side effect, while others get marks on their skin from the first hours of wearing the items.

If the silver jewellery items are the ones that leave you green marks on your skin, you should polish them periodically to prevent this. Another way to prevent this from happening is to use some clear nail polish and paint the part of the jewellery that touches your skin. The Scream Pretty jewellery is fabulous from this point of view, because their accessories do not leave green marks on your skin.

You wear jewellery items with obvious fake gems

Who told you that red plastic looks like rubies was a great liar, or you were a fool because you believed them. Nowhere in this galaxy plastic will every look like a precious gem, so you should get rid of all your accessories that feature these embellishments. If you want to wear accessories that have that glamorous look, then you should save money and pay their cost.

Another option would be to choose only clear gems, because they look better. Make sure that they are not opaque gems, because they will definitely look cheap.

If you like to wear jewellery items with large gems, then the best way to look stylish and expensive is to opt for semi-precious stones. They are affordable and no one will ever have the chance to tell you that you look anything else than beautiful.

Your metallic jewellery items are too shiny and bright

Why do your jewellery pieces look cheap?

All cheap accessories are made from inexpensive alloy. In many cases, it is plastic painted in a metallic coat, to make it look similar to a precious one. Yes, the accessories made from bronze, silver and gold are shiny, but they are not as shiny as the ones made from cheap alloys. If you want to trick the eyes of people then you should opt for the accessories that are made from a slightly darker metal.

You wear some random beans on a string

You should check your accessories. Do they look like you are the one who created them? It is nothing wrong to wear hand-made jewellery, but if they look like a person who has no experience in this domain crafted them, then they will definitely look cheap. It is quite easy to make a bracelet. You only need some random beads you have around the house, and a string. What the result would be? It will look old and cheap, and no one will ever appreciate it. And do not be surprised to find out that this type of accessories make you look very mature, and every woman should have as the main purpose to look as young as possible.

If you love beads and you cannot stay away from them, you should go with the statement less is more. Choose some pieces that feature minimum beads and in small sizes. Instead of the colourful plastic beads you have been wearing until now, you should go with pearls and semi-precious stones, they will immediately enhance your style

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