Why You Should Recommend A Post-Wedding Session to Your Client and Tips to Succeed in It

There are many people interested in wedding photography. Well, because you want to start in this noble trade, either because you are the lucky couple seeking advice or because you have to do the report due to your friendship with the protagonists. This article has been designed to help give you some reasons a post-wedding session might be a great idea and how you can come up with great photos if you are the photographer.

Why You Should Recommend A Post Wedding Session to Your Client and Tips to Succeed in It


Before throwing myself to expose the advice, I will make a stop to tell you the reasons. Because you’re probably wondering: “But if the wedding report is already there and almost certainly the pre-wedding one, why a post-wedding session?”

#1: There is more time

At the wedding, the couple wants to be with their guests, to enjoy that wonderful day that they have prepared with so much effort and enthusiasm. The last thing you want is to be posing in front of the camera while the others enjoy the party. But a post-wedding session will give you and the couple the whole time you need to shoot amazing photos of the wonderful new couple.

Why You Should Recommend A Post Wedding Session to Your Client and Tips to Succeed in It

#2: Less stress

The couple is relaxed, especially if they just returned from the honeymoon. The day of the wedding everything goes very fast. Although they try to relax, there are many details to be aware of; there are nerves, emotions, etc. After the wedding (and holidays) the calm is reflected in their faces, and you can achieve more natural and relaxed portraits, so you won’t need to spend much time on photo editor trying to come up with great photos for your client.

#3: Tastes and personality

You may also get the wedding day, but these celebrations are usually very traditional. In some cases, couples leave little room for their personal tastes. The day of the post-wedding is the time to reflect what they like the most, put on a leather jacket, their sneakers, blood red lips or whatever they want without the parents, the priest, the in-laws or the uncles give them a syncope in the middle of the ceremony.

#4: Choose the place

The day of the wedding you have to limit yourself to taking pictures in the place of the celebration. Or, at best, and hopefully, somewhere very close. In a post-abode session, you can choose anywhere, evenfew hours by plane.

Choosing where to make the session is something that the photographer or the couple can say, and reach an agreement on both sides. I am of the opinion of letting the couple decide the site if they have a special place. Although it is also good to be advised by experienced photographers who have located impressively photogenic places. But these are some ideas to help you.

  • Special place:A place that is very special for the couple: where they met, they promised themselves, the site of their escapades, where they said they loved you the first time. Beauty can be found anywhere and if it is full of meaning, as a good photographer you will know how to capture the best of the moment.
  • Surprise place:When the couple confides blindly in the person who is going to carry out the session and they do not have a preference; it may be a good idea to let them take the place that the photographer (with good judgment) decides.
  • Trip:You have to take into account the cost of tickets and time. But you can turn the session into a photographic trip if the budget allows it.
  • Ideas of locations: beach, vineyard, countryside, forest, desert area, abandoned house, cliff, city, charming town, buildings of avant-garde architecture, palaces or classical monuments, by boat or on a sailboat, a natural park, a theater, an old cinema, etc.

What is important is that it is a place where the couple feels comfortable and allows them to take photos of their style.

Why You Should Recommend A Post Wedding Session to Your Client and Tips to Succeed in It

#5: Choose the time

The time determines the natural light with which you can work. The day of the wedding you limit yourself to the available time, in the post-wedding you can choose what kind of light you want to work with.

#6: Creativity

The margin to let creativity free is much greater, you can focus on achieving original and artistic photos, while at the wedding you have to be very careful not to miss a gesture, a special moment, an emotional greeting, the main parts of the ceremony, etc.

#7: Pets

Some couples like that their pet also has prominence. In a post-wedding session, it is much more feasible to include it in the photos.

#8: Unlimited

Definitely, a post-wedding allows you to take pictures impossible to imagine the same day of the wedding. As for example a session in the water or a climb with a wedding dress. And with that, you will be able to express your creativity as a photographer. It gives you more dynamism while editing. You can decide to blur the background with some tools or even remove it with a background remover. All of these make you come up with amazing photos that will speak of a great day.

#9: Post-session editing

And speaking of editing, it is the last step to leave your photos perfect. It is not necessary to spend hours behind the screen doing montages or transforming a photo completely, but to edit just enough to turn a good photo into an excellent one, that is natural but professional and that transmits exactly what you want.

If you have doubts you can always ask for help from a photographer colleague to help you out, external eyes are always more objective.On the other hand, try to edit all the photos at once and with similar settings so that they are homogeneous.

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