10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

It’s always difficult to shop for teenagers, let alone teenagers who already have access to most of the things they want. Still, with the holidays approaching, you might find yourself wondering what to buy, in order to make Christmas special for the well-off teen in your life. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for your family, or your friends, it’s easy to find unique, high-end products and treats that anyone would enjoy, so long as you know where to look.

But, if you’re not sure where to start, let’s go over ten perfect luxury gifts for ultra-rich teens.

1. A Trip

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

There’s no better gift for someone who has everything than a unique adventure. Teenagers have a lot to gain by being exposed to travel at an early age. A trip to a foreign country can be an amazing learning experience and present opportunities to develop new language skills, in addition to being a whole lot of fun.

2. Watch

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

Getting your first wristwatch is rite of passage for many families, so consider investing in a special watch for your teen. The biggest name in luxury watches is, of course, Rolex. If you’re hoping for a gift with a “wow” factor, a Rolex watch certainly fits the bill. The Rolex submariner, Datejust, and Explorer are just a few of Rolex’s classic timepiece styles. Try to find out a little bit about the recipient’s preferences before you buy, though. With a wide assortment of classic Rolex watches in styles of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, stainless steel, etc. finding the perfect timepiece to start a Rolex collection should be easy.

3. Room Remodel

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

As kids grow, their tastes and interests shift, and their sense of personal style develops along with them. If you haven’t updated your teen’s room in awhile, maybe it’s time to make a change. Repaint the walls, get new flooring put in, or buy some new furniture. Tell them they’re in control and let them design the space of their dreams. It’s a gift they’ll never forget.

4. Horse

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

Horseback riding has always been a popular sport and recreational activity, and there’s nothing quite the same as owning your own horse. Before you invest in one, make sure you have somewhere for them to live, whether that’s on your property if you have access to a stable, or at a nearby riding club where you can buy or rent space to stable your horse.

5. Jewelry

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

Having the perfect bling never goes out of style. Especially when you ask a custom jeweler to design the jewelry to make it more unique and extra special for your loved ones, always think that] no matter whether it’s buying their first pair of diamond earrings, a classic gold nameplate necklace, or anything in a blue box from Tiffany’s, jewelry almost never disappoints as a birthday surprise, but make sure you go to the store looking with an eye for their taste, not yours.

6. Car

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

One of the most classic coming-of-age gifts for a growing teen is a new car. The type of vehicle that makes sense for your teenage driver to have, depends on their lifestyle. A young person might not need the latest sports car, but a great-quality car that is rated highly for driver safety is important.

If you do get your teen a car, make sure you also protect their safety and get them a high-quality car insurance policy as well. You can add a learner driver to your car insurance easily. They may also be able to reduce the cost of their insurance policy with offers like good student discounts. Though a learner driver isn’t a fully licensed driver yet, they can still cause damage operating a vehicle that you will be liable for if they get into an accident.

7. Custom Sneakers

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

Everyone knows that having a strong sense of personal style is key when you’re a young adult, and nothing is more ubiquitous than having great sneakers. Take your teen’s shoe game to the next level by looking at custom options from shops like the Shoe Surgeon to help give them a pair of Jordans no one else is going to have.

8. Shopping Spree

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

Some kids are hard to shop for, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to give them unsatisfying birthday gifts forever. Get gift cards in generous amounts for all their favorite stores, throw in a Visa one as well for anything you may have missed, and let them go on the shopping spree of ther dreams.

9. New Tech

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens

If your child doesn’t have the latest iPhone, a new computer, a tablet, or any of our modern technological staples, gadgets make great gifts. They’re incredibly useful, provide both educational resources and fun, and everyone is always talking about the latest devices.

10. Personalized Treats

10 Luxury Gifts for Ultra Rich Teens
When celebrating a birthday, go all out and get some personalized desserts. We’ve all seen the TV shows featuring elaborate custom cakes, why not treat your teen to a special edible present? If cake isn’t your preferred treat, specially designed cupcakes, pies, or even petit fours are easy to find.

Bonus: Collectibles

Some teenagers may be really hard-to-please, while others will know exactly what they want. Teens often want gifts that are more than just materialistic and collectibles are one way to be able to give the gift-giver some insight into what the teen might want as well as something they’ll enjoy. Collectibles can make great presents for a teen as long as you get something they’re interested in. Whether it is a game, comic book, medieval knight swords, or some other collectible item you think will fit their likes and hobbies, give it to your teen as a gift

While these gift ideas provide a great place to get started, you’re the one who knows the person you’re shopping for. Think carefully about their likes and dislikes and find a gift that will really make them happy, instead of just buying the most expensive thing you can find. Whether it’s the experience of a great trip, the freedom of a new car, or a thoughtful redesign of space, go for a present that will really change your favorite teen’s life. While it’s always nice to receive luxury gifts, it’s even nicer to know the person giving them has put some real thought into the gift they chose.

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