10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

Getting married in 2020 can be a unique experience due to the current pandemic. However, just because COVID-19 has changed how most events look, it doesn’t mean you have to completely change your plans. If you’re figuring out what to do for your wedding in the midst of this pandemic, you’re not alone. Many couples are scrambling, trying to figure out what adjustments to make for their special day. If you’re getting hitched during the coronavirus outbreak, make sure you do not neglect to purchase these essential 10 items.

Some of these items will help your day run smoothly, while others will contribute towards the time after your wedding when you and your spouse are ready to celebrate. Learn more about the top 10 things you should buy before your wedding.

1. Buy a well-fitted bra.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

Even if your wedding is remote over Zoom or video chat, you still want to look your best. Make sure that you visit a bra shop to get properly fitted, and ensure that the bra you buy is comfortable and fits you well. You may even want to buy matching panties for the occasion at places like Soma who offer a large variety of options.

2. Get a wedding band to match your engagement ring.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

After getting your engagement ring, it’s important to get a wedding band that matches from jewelers that specialize in just that. Places like diamond engagement rings Northern Virginia offer quality jewelry and can be bought online if you’re wary of going to a local jeweler right now. They offer so many choices from gold to white gold to platinum.

3. Find the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

We can’t travel too far these days, but there is still a peaceful vacation destination that would cater to your needs. Visit the quiet beaches of the Florida Panhandle, take a trip to the red rock cliffs of Sedona, travel up to New York, or head to Utah for a tour of some of United States’ national parks.

4. Buy a reliable laptop.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

If you’re planning to broadcast your wedding across the internet for virtual guests, then you will need a reliable laptop with a webcam that will support all the recording and WiFi that you’ll need to stream the event. Check reviews online, and you may even be able to find one on clearance.

5. Get your bridal jewelry well beforehand.

While the wedding band is the most important piece of jewelry, the bride also needs to accessorize in other ways. Look into buying a necklace and earrings that beautifully complement your dress. Boutiques and outlets will often have sets that you can choose from.

6. Buy a bridal emergency kit.

You can prepare all you want for the big day, but sometimes unforeseen wardrobe malfunctions happen. A bridal emergency kit will have the essentials like sewing instruments, safety pins, nail clippers/files, and much more. Some even include a toothbrush and toothpaste.

7. Ensure you have the right shoes for the day.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

Even if your big event is remote, you still need the right shoes that both match your dress and are comfortable. Shop around for shoes for the bride and the groom to ensure you both feel comfortable on the day.

8. Purchase materials for signs that direct your guests.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

If you are hosting guests for your ceremony, then it is important to make sure they know where they are going. More than likely, they will be practicing social distancing and it can be difficult to do that if there are no clear directions on where they should go and where they need to sit.

9. Obtain gifts for the bridal party.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are supposed to receive gifts from you for being a part of your day and i am sure you want to choose the best wedding gift. For bridesmaids, consider bracelets, a nice bottle of wine, or another personalized item. Groomsmen could receive new cufflinks or something else that marks their participation in your wedding.

10. All decor should be purchased and ready to go.

10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Wedding

Assess your decoration needs with your spouse, maid of honor, or event planner. Make sure that all flowers are ready the night before, family member rows are marked as reserved, the aisle runner is in place, and aisle chairs are decorated.

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