12 Life-Changing Grooming Hacks

Are you ready to boost your everyday beauty routine?  Ready to save some time and money and look perfect? We are so happy to share with you these absolutely brilliant grooming hacks that could make your daily routine better. As you know grooming sometimes can be a really boring and time-consuming process and it could ruin your day. How many times has it happened to you to run out of some products like shaving cream face wash, shampoo, etc. and you need them right now at the moment? Below you explore some wonderful solutions for such problems. The following awesome grooming hacks will keep you pretty, soft, and stylish.

1. Outta Shaving Cream?

Out of shaving cream? Do not worry at all! There are lots of alternatives that you could use when your shaving cream run out. And, this is probably one of those grooming hacks that could save your life many times, because running out of shaving cream happens so frequently. Especially, if you are a woman living alone and you do not even have a bottle of shaving cream at all. The next time you enter the shower and need to shave your legs, for example, and you have no shaving cream on hand, here is the alternative to use:

  • Soap
  • Lotion (hand or body)
  • Baby oil
  • Hair conditioner

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

2. Dryer sheet for hair static

Looking for some life-saving grooming hacks that will smoothen out hair flyaways? We have found it for you. All you will need is a fresh dryer sheet. They ate a perfect way to control the static hair. However, this is only a temporary solution, so if you are planning to step out on a dry winter day, then you better stash a few of them in your purse for a case.

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

3. Lemon juice as a hair color

Do you want to instantly lighten your hair without visiting the hair stylist at all? If you think that it is impossible, you are absolutely wrong. There are so many supernatural grooming hacks that will help you lighten your hair naturally. One of them is lemon! All you need to do is to apply lemon juice to your hair before you go out in the sun. The acid from the lemon reacting with the sun’s UV rays will accelerate the highlighting process and your hair will look lighter once you step out of the home.

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

4. Use baby powder as a better alternative to dry shampoo

Here is a super useful grooming hack that women facing oily hair must know. If you are out of dry shampoo then you can use baby powder instead. It works perfectly as a lifesaver for greasy hair. The reason is that it has a similar makeup to the dry shampoo itself. Baby powder is made from talcum powder or corn starch plus fragrance, while dry shampoo is based on corn or rice starch. These ingredients have the ability to absorb grease and moisture making your greasy hair look dry enough.

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks 12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

5. How to Cut Your Fingernails and Toenails

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

6. Brush your teeth in the shower

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

7. Olive oil as a hair conditioner

We all know the nutritious and magical function that olive oil has in our healthy diet. But do you know that olive oil can work amazingly as a hair conditioner as well? This is one of those grooming hacks that you must know, especially if you ever run out of hair conditioner. All you need to do is to apply olive oil to the hair 10 minutes before the head bath. It will act like a fabulous hair conditioner and will as well stimulate your hair to grow faster. The olive oil adds nutrients and healthy fats to the hair root making it healthier, silkier, and shiner.

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

8. Beauty Tutorial: Eyebrows

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

9. How To Treat Dry Lips

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

10. How to clean your hairbrush?

A dirty hairbrush full of hair strands is nothing new problem. Indeed, it is something most women with long hair face every day. That is why we have found some helpful grooming hacks that will help you keep your hairbrush clean all the time. Below are the steps to follow:

First, fill up the sink or a bowl with hot water. Add some shampoo to it. Dip your hairbrush and start scrubbing. Do it for at least 5 minutes at every angle possible.

  1. Then, leave the brush in the sink or bowl for about 10 minutes.
  2. Finally, take the brush out and rinse it in clean water.
  3. Take a dry towel and wrap the brush in it so that it dries completely overnight.
  4. Voila, the next morning your hairbrush will be clean and shining like a new one.

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

11. DIY Lip Scrub (a Lush Bubblegum lip scrub dupe)

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

12. Quick Beauty Tip ~ Starbucks Napkins = Blotting Papers?

12 Life Changing Grooming Hacks source

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