Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know

Dry shampoo is the number one beauty staple for many reasons. First, it helps soak up the excess oil from the hair. Then, it adds instant volume to the three-day-old strands. Also, it can extend the life of your blowout, even if you are working out and skipping the hair wash day. We all love our favorite oil-absorbing product, but what we don’t know is that this cult hair product is not only for absorbing oil or freshening up the hair. Here is everything you need to know about your life-saving hair product: dry shampoo.  In the article below, we have selected some of the most helpful dry shampoo tips that you must know.

These dry shampoo tips will help you quickly use the dry shampoo, because let’s admit it, many of us have been doing it wrong all the time. Leave that behind because with these dry shampoo tips you will learn its technique of use as most professional hair stylists practice. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the best hairstyles to make on an oily-hair day. These hairstyles are perfect to style on second or third-day hair.

Its majesty: the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is definitely one of the most wonderful products in the hair care industry.  It is a product that usually contains corn or aluminum starch to soak up the visible grease at the roots of the hair.  The product is available in many forms but is commonly found as an aerosol or loose powder. Once you massage it in the roots of the hair, it gives the appearance of cleaner hair. Women who are too busy to wash their hair daily tend to adore this product. And, there is no wrong way to use this product. It is so versatile and its formulas are evolving to multitask, so it has soon become the favorite hair care product for women in today’s busy world.  Below, explore many dry shampoo tips on how to use the dry shampoo in the best way possible.

Dry shampoo tips to know

Shake the bottle first

Here is one of the dry shampoo tips that you must know before you even start using the dry shampoo. Before uncapping it, you must first shake up the bottle to evenly distribute the formula. The starch in the aerosol formulas can settle at the bottom. That requires shaking it before applying it so that you make sure it is well-blended.

Try a tinted dry shampoo

Those who have used dry shampoo, have noticed that dry shampoos often tend to leave a white residue. In order to avoid that, there are some dry shampoo tips to know. One of them is to choose a dry shampoo that is tinted to your hair color. For example, if you have dark hair, you should pick a colored formula. This is a perfect way to prevent the unflattering white cast that a dry shampoo meant for blond hair can leave. However, if you still find the residue being an issue, then you can opt for a mousse or powder form of dry shampoo.

Focus it where you really need

There is no wrong way of using dry shampoo. However, there are some dry shampoo tips that will make its use more appropriate. For example, you need to focus the applying the dry shampoo where you really need it. Start by sectioning the hair and then spray the dry shampoo from about 10 inches away on the roots. Some hairstylist professionals advise focusing on the scalp in partings. Once you apply the dry shampoo, allow it to sit for two minutes. Then, using your fingers gently massage the product to spread it out. This is the time when the product will soak the grease.

Keep things moving

Once you apply the dry hair shampoo, the hairstylist suggests using a sweeping motion to cover the roots. Avoid focusing too much on one part of the scalp. Also, consider that the thicker your hair is, the more dry shampoo you will need. If you have fine strands, then keep a light hand on the nozzle and simply drench the area with a little product at a time. We hope these dry shampoo tips are helpful enough for you to apply the product just the right way.

Make dry shampoo a part of your bedtime routine

Many hairstylists will advise you to use dry shampoo even if your hair feels clean. You need to mist the product along your roots at the night no matter if the hair is clean. The reason is simple: when you wake up in the morning, the dry shampoo would have soaked up any oily on the scalp. Your problem with greasy hair in the morning is going to stay in the past forever once you apply these dry shampoo tips.

1. The Pretty (Simple) Pony

Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know source

2. Half-Up Halo Twist

Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know source

3. The No-Fuss French Twist

Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know source

4. Tousled and Textured

Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know source

5. The Tri-Fishtail Braid

Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know source

6. A Tight Twist

Dry Shampoo Tips You Must Know source

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