4 ct Diamond Engagement Rings

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-made diamonds are an alternative to mined diamonds. They’re also called “synthetic”, “cultured”, or “lab-grown” diamonds. Lab-grown gemstones are created in a laboratory by heating and melting natural raw materials to produce the stone’s desired color and clarity. In the laboratory a precision diamond-growing process is used to create the gems. The resulting product is a large gem-quality crystal of stone with purity and quality equal to or better than naturally mined stones.

4 ct Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab-grown diamonds are also called “lab-created”, “laboratory grown” or “cultured” diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. They are optically, chemically, and physically indistinguishable from mined diamonds. In some cases, it can be difficult to distinguish between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond.

The process of growing diamonds involves high temperature and pressure, combined with a CO gas environment. Scientists jam a tiny diamond seed – about the size of a pencil tip – into a metal stick shaped like a tiny tube. Then they place the seed/tube into a high-pressure chamber that’s been heated to more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lab-grown diamonds are considered to be an eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds. They do not involve any mining, drilling, or digging and therefore have little to no environmental impact. The carbon needed to create lab-grown stones is a by-product of industrial processes such as steel making and the production of cement.

Lab-grown diamonds are available in all shapes, colors, and cuts. They are also affordable compared to naturally occurring diamonds. This is because the cost of labour and manufacturing are typically much smaller than in the mining and refining processes.

Why lab-grown diamonds are better?


The cost of lab-grown diamonds is significantly lower when compared to mined stones. Lab-created gems are highly sought after, this means growing and producing these jewels requires less effort than mining for diamonds. This, in turn, makes it easier to produce these gems at a lower cost compared to natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are expensive due to their rarity on Earth. Lab-grown diamond manufacturers can produce more gemstones while using little resources and labour.


The mining process of natural diamonds involves the use of explosives, cement, and other toxic materials. The mining process also involves inefficient tunnelling efforts, which results in enormous environmental pollution. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds do not involve any toxic chemicals or explosives – all materials made during the production of lab-grown stones are 100% natural in nature. Furthermore, no waste is ever produced since there are no mined raw materials involved in the growing process. For this reason, lab-grown diamonds are much more environmentally friendly than mined stones.

 More Appealing

If you are looking for Engagement Rings that do not contain conflict diamonds and gems that did not come out of the ground, you may consider the option of buying lab-grown diamonds. Lab-created jewellery always has a higher clarity level than mined materials. Furthermore, lab-grown stones are available in a wide range of colors offering more engagement possibilities for you and your future wife.

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The staff at is friendly and is always willing to answer any questions you might have. For example, should you require additional information about a specific product they will provide it to you over the phone or via email? Their customer service is exceptional, which means you will always be happy with the service they provide. Remember to check out for your next engagement ring or loose gemstone purchase!

How to find good lab-created diamond deals from

Lab-created diamond prices are higher than natural diamonds but the price value is better than natural diamonds. The two main factors that determine lab-created diamond prices are the size and color of the gemstone. That’s why you need to pay attention to two things when looking for deals on lab-created diamond rings. First, focus on getting the right stone shape since it’s a primary factor influencing the price value. Secondly, take note of the stone colour so that you can get the best deal. You don’t want to buy a lab-created diamond in a poor colour since your centre stone will look substandard. Make sure that the colour is attractive and matches the rest of the setting on your lab-created diamond ring. For example, choose rose gold over the silver. Also, if you are buying a lab-created diamond in larger sizes, make sure that you choose a high-quality material for your setting.

I was looking for my own wedding ring set and I stumbled upon lab-created diamonds at After some research, I realized that lab-created diamonds are better than mined diamonds. The thing that convinced me to buy lab-created diamond jewellery was the fact that they are eco-friendly and conflict-free. Since there are no mining activities involved in the process of growing these gems, they cause no damage to the environment.

How much does a 4-carat diamond price cost?

Generally, the 4-carat diamond price is around $80,775. This will depend on the quality of the diamond and the type of gemstone. But remember, the key thing is your ring design. If you are looking for rings that are a perfect fit for you, always go for a custom design. They will cost you more than standard rings, but in the end, you will get the perfect ring that fits you.

Buying lab-grown diamond rings can be an excellent alternative when you want to buy diamond rings that don’t harm the environment. The fact that they are eco-friendly means you can wear them without worrying about any harmful pollution. They are also safe for the wearer and his or her family who put a lot of trust in the brilliance of these jewels.

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