4 Reasons Why You Should Only Wear Nickel Free Jewelry

Did you know that the metal, nickel is an additive in almost all jewelry, and even in stainless steel and other metal alloys? Nickel is everywhere; in jewelry, faucets, silverware, and more. There’s actually a percentage of the population that is allergic to the metal, making jewelry an impossible accessory to wear, due to rashes and other allergic reactions. Here are five reasons why you should only wear nickel free jewelry.

4 Reasons Why You Should Only Wear Nickel Free Jewelry

  1. Nickel is Actually a Carcinogen

A carcinogen is essentially any substance or compound that can promote the growth of cancerous cells in humans. Nickel and nickel compounds are actually listed by The American Cancer Society and The Department of Health and Human Services as known carcinogens. Does this mean wearing nickel-infused jewelry will give you cancer? Not necessarily, but less exposure to the metal certainly couldn’t hurt.

Even if there’s a minor risk of nickel exposure, why take it? Nickel free jewelry is affordable and safe to wear and contains none of the harmful nickel compounds that are considered to be carcinogens. Nickel is found just about everywhere in minor amounts, from our food and water to cigarette smoke and even the air. These trace amounts are generally not harmful, but too much exposure to nickel can cause adverse effects.

Wearing nickel free jewelry ensures that you won’t have an adverse reaction to the accessories you’ve purchased, which can end up costing you money in the long run. Allergic reactions to the metal can make jewelry uncomfortable or impossible to wear and can be quite inconvenient or harmful if left unchecked.

  1. Nickel is a Filler

The cheaper the jewelry, the more likely it is to have a higher nickel content. This is because nickel is a malleable metal, and acts as a corrosion-resistant base that can be added to precious metals to prevent scratches and damage. Nickel is essentially filler and acts as a protectant for jewelry, so the higher the nickel content, the less precious metal will have to be used in the piece.

When purchasing jewelry, you want the best quality you can get for the price you’re paying. You wouldn’t want to purchase a car with a lot of “filler” in it, would you? You want what you’re paying for! It’s always a better idea to spend money on quality jewelry made from pure gold, silver, titanium, or other metal alloys, to ensure you’re minimizing filler content and getting the best deal possible for your money.

A pure silver or gold piece of jewelry will also hold its value much better than one with a lot of filler. Let’s be honest, you may want to sell your old jewelry at some point, so it’s important that it retains the most valuable possible over the years. Not to mention, the better quality materials are used in the piece, the better it will look!

Metals like titanium and platinum tend to hold their shape for longer, are more resistant to corrosion, and hold their luster better than nickel-infused alloys. You’ll probably pay more for these metals, it’s true; but paying for better materials is always a good option where your personal health and the resale value of the item are concerned.

  1. Avoid Allergic Reactions and Infections

According to the CDC, about 10 to 20 percent of the population suffers from nickel allergies, meaning that mobile devices, jewelry, and even coins can be causing a rise in allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can go well beyond simple rashes if left unchecked, and in fact, a severe enough reaction can cause health complications such as infections.

Continued exposure to an allergen like nickel won’t do your body any good. Purchasing nickel free jewelry will ensure that you can wear your jewelry comfortably, at any time, without the worry of breakouts or other complications. You wouldn’t want your favorite earrings to cause your ears to swell and become itchy in the middle of a benefit dinner, would you? Try nickel free earrings instead.

Anyone anywhere can develop a nickel allergy, so this isn’t an isolated event. With such a high percentage of our population allergic to nickel and with such frequent exposure, we can likely expect the number of those affected to rise as more nickel is used in jewelry and electronic devices.

  1. Nickel Free Jewelry is Easily Accessible

Nickel free jewelry isn’t hard to find; in fact, there are dozens of websites available which sell this particular kind of jewelry. You can even go into your favorite jewelry store and check with your jeweler to be sure the piece you’re interested in is actually nickel free.

The key to finding high-quality nickel free jewelry is to buy from reputable sources and always be aware of the metallurgic content of your jewelry. This should be on the label or product description, but if it isn’t, it’s best to inquire just to be sure.

If you’re unsure where to start with nickel free jewelry, you can try an earring subscription box from HeyRowan. They’ll send you a box with nickel free gold or silver earrings each month, so you can get a feel for the difference in nickel free products and what real quality should look and feel like. You can get your hands on a sterling silver box for around $21/month! Give it a try today and learn why nickel free jewelry is the way to go.

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