4 Things to Do Before Buying a Fur Coat for the First Time

Buying a genuine men’s fur coat requires preparation. Different coats are crafted from different pelts, which greatly determine their comfort level, durability, warmth, and price. Coats made from the same material can also have drastically different prices depending on the manufacturer and the experience of the furrier.  The markets are also flooded with fake fur coats. These often look ultra realistic and there have been many incidents of people buying faux fur coats thinking they buying the real thing.

4 Things to Do Before Buying a Fur Coat for the First Time

Choosing a fur coat can be a difficult decision as they require a hefty investment. Custom fur coats are also not returnable, which adds to the pressure. Instead of going to a shop and trusting the words of the sales guy, do these 4 things first.

Set a Realistic Budget

As you know already fur coats are expensive. If you don’t want to end up buying a damaged coat or bring home a faux fur coat, you need to set a realistic budget. If you are looking for an affordable coat, then go for a rabbit fur coat. However, if you want something like mink, then be prepared to shell out around $3,000 to $6,000 for a single coat.

Decide Whether You Want to Buy Online or Go to a Shop

There are advantages and disadvantages of going to a shop. The perks are obvious, you get to feel and wear different coats before you decide to buy. That’s pretty much the only advantage. Mainly because fur coat shops usually have steeper prices compared to online fur shops. When you shop online, you also get more style and pelt choices. Lastly, you get to compare prices and you are not susceptible to make an impulse purchase when shopping online.

Choose a Pelt Type

Choosing a pelt type depends mainly on two factors, the degree of cold protection you want and your budget. Different pelts also feel different to touch. Rabbit pelt is very silky but it does not offer the degree of insulation that’s offered by a mink coat. Chinchilla, on the other hand, has a plush feel but is not as durable compared to other pelt types.  Coyote pelt is highly durable and is considered a mid-range choice as far as the price is concerned.

Learn How to Spot a Fake

If you are handed a cheap faux fur coat, then you can instantly tell the difference. However, big fashion brands like Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci, and Prada are now making faux fur coats. This means the coats are getting ultra-realistic. There are still a few different ways to spot a faux fur coat. The first and easiest way is to check the backing material. A genuine coat would have a leather backing whereas most faux furs have fabric inners. Another way to be sure is buying from reputed online fur shops. If all fails, try the burn test. Pluck out a single strand of fur and burn it using a lighter. If the hair singes and gives out a burnt-hair smell, then it’s the real deal.

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