5 Steps to Planning a Great Virtual Bridal Shower

Despite the challenge brought about by the pandemic, it does not mean we say goodbye to the plans and goals that we have set for ourselves. While some plans have to take the backseat for now, some plans and goals are still achievable with the help of technology. Meetings and conferences are now possible with just a laptop and a stable internet connection. Online classes are done and completed while the students are comfortably sitting on their beds. Even interviews for news channels can be conducted from the comforts of our homes. Indeed, the world is getting used to the new normal.

5 Steps to Planning a Great Virtual Bridal Shower

Technology has also paved the way for us to be connected even when social distancing is being enforced. We may not be allowed to see and visit friends and colleagues, but we still stay connected through various social media platforms.

Due to the restrictions that we are currently facing, weddings, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, and birthday celebrations are canceled. If you are worried about the same thing, don’t be sad because we got you! Here are five steps to planning a great bridal shower, even without having your guests physically present.

  1. Plan ahead.

A virtual party might be a little easier to plan as there are no caterer, suppliers, and venue to worry about, but you should still start planning ahead of time. You should start by drafting your invites list, choosing the best time for the virtual party to take place (make sure you check the schedule of the bride first), the motif or theme, and of course, some fun bridal shower games. Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it has to be boring, right?

  1. Choose your gift.

A fun bridal shower in itself is a wonderful gift to your bride friend. But if you want to make this party more memorable and have something to remember it by, then a gift is in order. A personalized gift, which she can use in the new chapter of her life, is always a good choice. Make sure to check that the seller of your chosen gift delivers!

  1. Send an invite.

Once you have listed all the friends of the bride or you think are her friends, it’s time to let them know that there will be a party and when. Instead of just sending an email or a direct message, why not go the extra mile and design an invite that suits the theme? If you are lacking in the creative department, try checking different websites to get inspiration and ideas.

  1. Design the background.

Since you will be hosting, it is but natural that your house or background have that festive and creative feel on screen. If you will be hosting the party from your room, then go ahead and decorate the part visible during the virtual party.

  1. Prepare the music.

To add to the festive vibe of your party, make sure to have a playlist of songs to play as background music. Tunes that you and your virtual guests can dance to and have fun with. But also be prepared with music that suited for those impromptu crying moments- giving of the message of love and well wishes to your friend’s upcoming wedding.

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