Natural Solutions For Every Day Woman’s Beauty Problems

Every woman’s dream is to have a beautiful face skin that will shine under the sunlight. But sometimes, women have to deal with serious skin problems,  starting from pimples, to hives and finishing with freckles. Down the page, there are some every day beauty and health problems the woman face with, and some naturaly, easy DIY  remedies that can be made at home. We hope some of them will help you dealing with your skin problem.

1. A natural remedies for pimples you already have at home

We all have felt that utter horor when we notice that we have got a pimple especially a day before some important event in our life. Wa also know how painful can be trying to rid them. Or, mabye not that painful. One totally painless way to ger rid the awful pimples is to put a small amount of tootpaste onto the pimple before going to bed, and see how it will drastically reduce in size the next morning when you wake up.


Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

2. Natural ways to remove fleckers forever

Freckles are flat, round and brown spots of different sizes that appear on the skin and that are consideres as a sign of skin damage.  some of the causes of freckles are genetics and hormonal imbalances, but too much exposure to sunlight too. The face is one of the body parts, the freckles appear the most. there are a lot of cosmetic treatments to remove freckles, but some of them can be very expensive. There are also a lot of home made products such as lemon juice, onion, honey, papaya, buttermilk etc. that can help you easily get rid of the freckles.

Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

3. Tea tree oil for finaly break up  with the painful nail fungus

Nail fungus or medicaly known as onychomcosis is most caused by moisture trapped in a warm, dark place which is the environment fungus trhives in. It can ve a very painfull and unpleasant bussiness to have to deal with. But, don’t worry. Now you have in your own home a natural remedy for nail fungus- the tea tree oil. All you have to do is clean the areas on and around the infection   with rubbing alcohol and then apply the tea tree oil directly to the affected nails and let it soak in.

Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

4.Egg white mask to say goodbye to the problem with the blackheads

If you have problems with blackheads, then the egg whites mask  is ideal for you. All you need to prepare it is 1 edd, facial tissue or toilet paper, a small bowl and a clean towel. Separate the yolk from the white and rinse your face. Pat your face dry and then apply a thin layer of egg white over the skin. then place a strip of facial tissue or toilet paper over the wet egg white, press onto your face gently, let the mask dry. when is dry enough peel the tissue off an wash your face to remove any rasidue. The problematic blackheads will dissappear.

Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

5. Salt and Hot water for instant relief from the toothache

Toothaces can be very painful. If you can’t visit the dentist in the moment of having a toothache, thenj you cam make a simple remedy for toothace in your home. You only need a tablespoon of salt  and a glass of hot water. Mixing the both of them and rinsing or gargling the  mix will provide the relief.

Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

6. Aloe vera detoxification mask for refresing your face skin

The summer is up to come, and your skin needs  a detoxification? Here is a simple, but eficcient aloe vera mask that will refresh your skin and give it a natural glow. All you need is lime juice, mango pulp and aloe vera gel. Blend the ingredients and apply the resultant pack on your face. After passing 20 minutes, wash you face. Your skin will shine.

Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

7. Natural Ingredients  to get rid od hives

If you have hives, it is likely that you cannot help but try to scratch yourself from time to time even though you know that you should not since scratching can be bad for your skin. Now we offer you some ideas for natural ingredients that can help you get rid of hives.  Vegetables and fruits with vitamin C, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Red Alder Bark and Green Tea are some of the ingredients that you already have at home, and efficciently help you get rid of hives.

Natural Solutions For Every Day Womans Beauty Problems source

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