6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable

6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable


There are many objections regarding personal protection equipment that make a lot of people not want to wear them. Some of them are about comfort and convenience while others want to make a statement about being forced to do so. Then there are those who don’t want to wear PPE because they are unfashionable and look hideous. If you are one of those people, don’t worry since there are solutions to this.

The main thing that those who are conscious about fashion worry about PPE is the looks. Many face masks, face shields, and so on do not complement clothes as other fashion accessories would. This concern was shared by many, which is why a trend has sprung up to address this issue. You can find the many solutions put forward by designers and fashion companies as you keep reading.

Trendy Face Masks

There are now so many face masks in the market that it is frankly saturated, at this point. Along with the normal ones and the professional-grade variety, there are fashionable masks being sold everywhere. This was bound to happen, though, with so many companies trying to cash in on the epidemic. On that note, many of these masks have been on the market long before Covid 19 came into the picture.

6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable

Some of these masks feature images that depict different lower faces that include monstrous teeth, movie lips, and the like. Then there are the masks that look like they belong on a fashion magazine catalog. These are the sleek, streamlined varieties that are advertised as real fashion accessories. You can take a look at the selections from these top 5 face mask manufacturers in China and see if they have any designs you might like.

Fashionable Face Shields

Thanks to the imagination, creativity, and tenacity of many designers, there are now fashionable face shields for sale. These are not the ugly sheets of plastic with garter straps and foam forehead guards that are commonly sold. No, these are gorgeous face accessories that would not look out of place in a sci-fi or a post-apocalyptic show. They come with gentle curves, smooth lines, and sleek frames that make them look like bigger eye protectors.

6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable

It’s quite incredible to see what creative people can do with even the most mundane things on the market. Of course, it’s worth expecting that these fashionable face shields might not be to everyone’s taste. It’s fortunate, then, that there are a ton of options that are available out there to choose from. You can purchase the face shield of your choice, with the design, colors, and look that you are looking for.

Designer Gowns

Let’s face it, protective gowns are about as far from fashionable as outfits can get, but this was before Covid 19. Now, you have folks running around in protective gowns that would fit in with runway styles. A lot of it has to do with little tweaks with regard to the color, the fit, or the stitchings. Whatever it may be, the point is that they don’t make you look like a blue or green sausage anymore.

6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable

Granted, you do have to focus on functionality just as much as you should pay attention to fashion. What would be the point of getting a designer gown if it doesn’t protect you from the virus? So be sure to pay attention to the gown’s overall appearance since its main role is as a shield. This means that there must be no gaps, no holes, no fishnet nonsense, and no statement gashes or something.

Colorful Gloves

Gloves may not be used all the time when going out, but you are going to need it sometimes. Examples include grocery shopping where you will need to touch a lot of stuff and surfaces as you go along. Wearing a pair of gloves gives you extra protection so your skin doesn’t get infected with the virus. While the chances of this happening are lower compared to breathing the virus in, the risk is still there.

6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable

With that said, if you want your glove to be fashionable, you can start with the color and hues. They do come in different shades and this pertains to the basic options, for a start. There are also more expensive but more stylish options, even if they are not strictly medical grade, like the typical white vinyl ones. As long as you have an extra layer between surfaces and your skin, that will have to be enough.


If you are not satisfied with the choices that you get from designer PPEs, you can always make them yourself. If you are artistic and creative enough, you can use arts and crafts tools to make your own stylish equipment. This option also allows you to have significant control over the fit of the PPE that you will use. In addition to that, you can even make some for the rest of the family, including your kids.

6 Ways to Make PPE More Fashionable

In fact, you could turn this into a family activity where you can have fun while creating fashionable protective gear. Depending on how great the results of your efforts look, you could even turn it into a business. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine other folks having the same problem with standard PPEs. Why can’t you be protected from Covid 19 while looking good in the process?

Custom Sets

The final option is to have your PPEs customized if you are unable to do it yourself for whatever reason. There are plenty of services online that offer this service so that you can get the exact look you want. You can think of it as ordering tailored clothes. If there is a demand for it, there will be those who will supply it.


PPEs don’t have to look ugly, bulky, or unwieldy. They can look great and make you look amazing. The options discussed here can go a long way toward making the current situation bearable. So give them a try!

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