7 DIY Ideas To Take Your Wedding Thank You Cards To The Next Level

There is no better way of showing someone you appreciate their attendance and gifts for your wedding than a lovely handwritten thank you card. Building a custom thankyou card can be expensive. But you don’t need to go through too much trouble to make one from scratch. You don’t even need to be an expert crafter to make it good. All you need is knowing what you want to say and the basic principles of how to send thank you messages

In this article, we have shared ten easy projects that can give you some excellent tips. Use them to come up with your designs.

7 DIY Ideas To Take Your Wedding Thank You Cards To The Next Level

Creating Thank You Card from banners

You easily access patterned papers or fabrics right. Well, just cut a few triangles from these materials and attach them to a rustic twine. You should be able to string them across the card front. Once done, take a marker pen and add a letter in each triangle. But you don’t need to add text if you have nothing to write. Leaving it the way it is will still give it the perfect message.

Create a 3D unicorn

These magical creatures always warm the heart. You don’t need to make it too perfect. A simple circle cut-and-paste method should do the trick. When the card opens, the body of the unicorn becomes a sculptural pop-out. It is a great card for kids trying out their cutting skills.

Creating Rustic Wedding Thank You Cards

Simple rustic wedding thank you cards can save you a lot on time. It is a DIY thank you card with a souvenir stamped ornament attachment to the face. Creating such a card does not need any special skills. You can, for instance, take a rustic hard paper, then make a heart with a thank in the middle and attach the front of the card.

Potato Stamp Turkey thank you card

Potatoes are easy to get, right? When you have lots of them to peel, boil, and mash, you can put one aside to make easy paint stamps. You can craft the potato into a funny looking small turkey with a few fingerprints. Use contraction paper beaks to complete the cards. You can add a little thank you note at the bottom to indicate what the recipient did for you.

Create a card with some Washi Tape Background paper

Washi tape patterns create the best wedding thank you cards. If you have many models to include, to could try customizing them as the center of your design. Put them on the background, and your card will look amazing. Nothing beats a created background with beautiful patterns.

Using paper strips

You can make a cute thank you card with tiny scraps of all patterned paper you can find. Simply collect the papers and each piece into a strip that looks like a beautiful ribbon. You can ink the edges with the colors of your wedding to give them a better look.

Use paint chips

Before your wedding, you might have done some décor on your home. Do you have some pretty colors on paint chips you can get rid of in your mind? You can turn them into fantastic thank you cards.

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