7 Easy Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

7 Easy Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

Here you are, spending months preparing for your wedding, making sure everything is perfect. And finally, your big day comes and goes in a matter of a few hours. That’s the bittersweet truth about all good things – they eventually come to an end.

Want memories of your wedding to last a long time? There are a handful of easy ways to do that. We’ll share with you 7 tips you can use to preserve memories of your big day. So without further ado, let’s find a way to capture lightning in a bottle.

7 Easy Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

1. Preserve Your Bouquet

Since one of the most beautiful things about your wedding attire was your bouquet, it’s only fitting that you would want to keep this little tidbit forever. And there is a way. Free-dry your flowers – this way you’ll make sure that their texture, color, and overall look will stay the same. Once you have your bouquet nicely frozen, you can either put it in a shadow box or keep it displayed in a fancy vase. Just make sure your pets or kids won’t mess with it.

2. Frame Your Wedding Invitation

It probably took you long hours to design your RSVP. And that would be a pity just to dismiss the fruit of your labor after it has served its purpose. Then why not turn your wedding invitation into a decor piece. Put it into a lovely frame and hang it on the wall or put it on the mantelpiece. Each time your eye catches the sight of your invitation, we guarantee you’ll feel those butterflies flutter in your belly again.

3. Create a Wedding Slideshow

One of the most engaging and visually pleasing ways to keep your wedding memories fresh is making a wedding slideshow. Just imagine – the most beautiful pics from your ceremony animated to a lovely tune and sprinkles with gorgeous effects like sparks, hearts, or doves. Even the process of making a slideshow like this will take you back in time to the happiest day of your lives. And once you create your wedding video, take on a habit of rewatching it whenever you feel blue.

7 Easy Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

4. Craft a Memory Box

Every event leaves behind a trail of keepsakes – funny, touching, even cringey. Gather them all up and put them into a memory box. Put there anything – a torn shoestring from the groom’s shoe which caused him to tumble, a piece of your veil that got ripped by decorations, a rosebud your little niece gave you as a gift. And once in a while just dig into that box together to reminisce about how crazy but lovely your wedding day was.

5. Thumb Through Your Guest Book

You most certainly had one at your wedding, and now it’s lying somewhere in the attic? Take it out and have yourself a little evening with it. Reread all the nice wishes your guests have written there, laugh at the doodles they’ve left, tear up at their words of wisdom and encouragement. After all, all these words your guest had to say – or to write – may not only be somewhat therapeutic, but also quite enlightening.

6. Wear Something You Had On That Day

No, we do not encourage you to put on your wedding dress or tuxedo. Put on something smaller, like a piece of jewelry. The sensation of cool pearls sliding up and down your wrist might remind you of the way you stood at the altar. Better yet – wear the perfume you wore during the ceremony. After all, the sense of smell is closely linked to the memory, so the scent will take you back to that day better than anything.

7 Easy Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

7. Put Your Wedding Pictures Around the House

This might be the most obvious way to keep the memories of your wedding day alive, but why not. Print out your fondest pictures, put them into elegant frames and hang them around the house. Trust us, the sight of the beautiful – and really good-looking – couple will always cheer you up, especially if you two through a rough patch. Look at these smiling happy faces in these pictures to remind yourself of your beautiful wedding and the deep and sincere feeling you have for your spouse.

So there you have it – seven really easy ways to keep the memories of your wedding day as fresh as a daisy. So put them to good use to go back to that happy day and feel that bliss all over again.

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