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7 Tips for Streaming Your Wedding

Have you ever imagined the whole world following every minute of your wedding? Even if it was not your dream, a virtual event would allow you to share your celebration with all your loved ones without any risk. Do the ‘live’ of your wedding with these ideas!

7 Tips for Streaming Your Wedding

Weddings are not only places to wear glamorous dresses and show off the best dance steps: these events always celebrate love and human connection between all the guests. So you can share your union live and direct, here are some tips for streaming your wedding. Invite all your loved ones to witness this event and your romance and happiness.

7 Tips for Streaming Your Wedding

1.     Remember the meaning of your wedding

A wedding is the celebration of the love that unites two people. It is the beginning of a new stage full of opportunities and surprises. It is also the ideal event to laugh with the best company, exchange love messages and live great moments. For all these reasons, streaming your wedding can be a meaningful act and a modern way to seal your love in front of your loved ones.

2.     Extend the invitation to all your loved ones

Making an online wedding invitation and distribute it online. Some couples find it challenging to narrow the guest list: many friends and family will be absent from this grand celebration. Streaming can be a way to include them and share every detail of the wedding. In addition to passing on the ceremony and their vows, they can include their closest family at their banquet and celebration.

In this virtual event, they can talk about their relationship and make toasts and special mentions for all their loved ones. The technology at the service of weddings will even bring together guests who live in other states of the Republic or in other countries and will even allow them to include friends and relatives who might not have been on the list otherwise.

3.     Get your devices ready

Remember when you needed a webcam to make a video call? That was almost twenty years ago! Currently, not only are there many options to make these transmissions, but they are quite accessible. Most smartphones and tablets have what it takes to do this type of streaming.

You must choose a device that can record HD images (high-definition video). They can also buy individual microphones or choose a device that guarantees good sound quality: some microphones connect via Bluetooth to any device and are attached to clothing with discreet clips.

Of course, your devices must have a good internet connection, and they should also choose a device with a memory or graphics card that guarantees the speed of the transmission. Don’t worry: almost all smartphones have all these features.

It does not hurt that they get cables and extensions to connect the chargers of their phones and tablets. Another accessory they can buy is a tripod that fixes the devices to capture the event without sudden movement. Make sure you have the perfect lighting so that every detail can be appreciated.

By using these ideas, you can make your virtual wedding stream a special and welcoming event. You’ll be able to cherish the special moments, tell your love story, and highlight meaningful details like your pre-owned engagement ring, for example, making your special day even more memorable for you and your prized guests. Enjoy your streaming, and enjoy your love!

4.     Meet the technical requirements

Nowadays, it is very easy to make a live broadcast over the internet: most private Wi-Fi connections have enough speed and capacity. However, they must test in advance to verify that they meet this requirement. If your connection is not enough, they can help you with mobile data or an alternative network.

5.     Choose your platforms

There are many platforms that have the specific function of streaming events online. The most used are pages and applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, which can be closed with passwords or broadcast in real-time on social networks. These means are also very practical since guests only need a link to access the meeting.

Another option is to broadcast on your social networks: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube facilitate live broadcasts and even allow a countdown for guests to get ready to watch the event. It is recommended that you watch some tutorials to become familiar with the specific use of the site you prefer.

To choose your platforms, you should consider the type of contact you want to have with your guests: closed meetings or video calls allow guests to interact, turning on their own cameras and communicating with you. On your own, in social broadcasts, guests will only see you, although they will be able to interact through comments and reactions. They can alternate both types of meeting, for example, broadcasting their ceremony on social networks and including their closest loved ones in an intimate virtual meeting.

6.     Spread the word

As with any event, virtual meetings need invitations and announcements. They can make these newsletters through their social networks and messaging applications. However, this is an opportunity to personalize virtual invitations, flash animations, stylish email newsletters or a special announcement on your wedding website. Enlist the services of professional designers and photographers to create perfect advertisements.

Remember to include your names, the reason for the meeting (wedding, proposal, engagement party, civil ceremony, among others), the time and how you will communicate. They should also send messages to get the Links across and can set alarms or reminders, so everyone is ready when the event starts.

7.     Hire professional assistance

There are many wedding planners specializing in creating streaming experiences that can help you put together a professional, flawless, high-quality production. Maximum capacity cameras and microphones, shots from different angles and exclusive channels are some of these companies services. Their photographers and designers can also help them create and maybe live stream presentations, videos, and all kinds of multimedia.

Celebrate with your guests by taking advantage of all possible means. Broadcasting your celebration on any platform can be an extraordinary experience for all your family and friends, even if they are more than a healthy distance apart. Don’t forget to stream your celebration and save it for posterity.


Definitely, your wedding will be a spectacular and meaningful day, so it is worth giving yourself the necessary time so that everything is very well planned and discussed before delivering the original wedding invitations that you designed. Having everything under control will ensure that you enjoy your party even more and enthusiastically wear your wedding dress and tailcoat with just a few adjustments left.

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