8 Things to Do Before Going to College

Getting into college is one of the most exciting times of life. At least that’s what the movies tell you. Let me tell you something, college isn’t all parties and fun.

8 Things to Do Before Going to College

To improve your chances of starting your career on the right foot, while enjoying all the fun, here are some things you should be doing before applying for college:

8 Things to Do Before Going to College

Sort Out Your Tuition Fees

That’s the biggest worry for majority of the college students. College tuition fee is quite high. Not everyone can afford to pay for college. But that doesn’t mean they should be letting go of their dream to get into the best colleges.

The most common option is student loans, if you haven’t saved for your college. Look for the best private student loans at Crediful. Do your research properly. Look at interest rates, loan term etc.

Get an Internship

An internship will look very good on your resume and even on your college application. It shows your dedication and your level of responsibility. It also improves your chances of getting a job quickly, after graduation.

Internship is also a chance to see the real world. Figure out if this is where you want to end up. You can still switch majors at this point so it’s better to find out if this is what you really want.

Most internship doesn’t pay very well, sometimes not at all. So, don’t think they will help you pull through college. But if you manage to get one of the good paid internships, put aside some money for your college funds. Even if you apply for a college loan, you will still need money for extra expenses.

Connect with the alumni

If you have been accepted into your proffered college, or even if you are still going through the application process, it’s a good idea to connect with the current and past students.

Talk to them about their experiences at the college. It will give your real-time idea of what to expect from your college. You can also ask them about the good courses and the good professors. If you are able to make a connection with these people, they might even let you into their tips and secrets of surviving college.

Research Courses and Professors

LinkedIn now offers are very good chance of connecting with your future teachers and professors. Sent them a connect request. Follow them to get an insight of their teaching methodology, their philosophy and basically just to understand if you will be happy taking a course with them. Create an impression from the start by replying to their posts.

Create Your Budget

That’s a smart way to keep track of your expenses and to avoid any financial issues later on. Use your network of past and current college students to figure out how much you will need later on. Do you have the amount of money? Create a budget for every semester. Think of transport costs, everyday expenses, book expenses, shopping etc. Some costs are already covered by the college such as meal plans or books.

If you aren’t applying for a student loan, consider getting a part-time job.

Practice Self-Control

College is most likely the first time you are on your own. There is no one to tell you what to do, what to eat, when you get up etc. It’s your first taste of the adult world. It’s also the most vulnerable time for young adults to fall prey to bad habits.

Before going to college, practice self-control. Build up your self-esteem so that you are less likely to be influenced under peer pressure. Keep your goal in focus to avoid letting others take you off your path. And most importantly, find good friends who are just as motivated as you are. You don’t want to end up with no college degree to show for all the time spent in college.

Learn Skills

Some skills that college students often need are basic cooking, mending, budgeting, scheduling, paying bills etc. Schools don’t teach us basic life skills. Practice on these skills. Ask your parents to delegate more responsibility your way.

Revive Connection with Parents

You will soon be heading to college. You won’t get to meet with your parents on a regular basis. So, while you are still in waiting to get into college, spend more time with your parents. Talk to them about your college application process. Confide your worries. Share your goals.

Your parents are going to miss you too. They might even start showing symptoms of Empty Nest syndrome so call them often when you finally go to college. Your parents can be your guiding angels. So involve them in your college life. Discuss your worries and ask them to help out.

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