Wonderful Walkway Ideas for Home

Walkways are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they can also serve as a medium to connect various parts of your lawn or garden. This way you will be able to use the various areas of your garden quite efficiently. This is why it is essential to have practical as well as beautiful pathways in your garden. There are a few things that you must remember while choosing walkways or garden paths. If walkways are a new project then decide on the overall layout of the garden, and if it’s an old project then decide how you would like to connect the various parts of the garden. Decide what functions the walkway will perform and whether you can incorporate it into your already present garden layout. These plans will help you efficiently build your walkway and you will be able to come up with a layout that will suit your garden the best. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wonderful Walkway Ideas for Home

Paved Patterns

You can choose to design your walkway in a decorative pattern by using various paving slabs. Most paving slabs are available in a rectangular shape, however, you can also find paving slabs in other, more varied shapes. Paving slabs can be used to create stunning patterns without a lot of hassle. With a little effort, you would be able to create some beautiful patterns without spending a lot of money on hiring a landscaper.

Checkerboard lawn

This simple yet classy pattern can make your garden look stunning, but for it to work properly, the chequer board pattern must be laid down carefully and with precision. In this method, chequer boards are used to create perfect squares on the lawn. The lawn and tiles must be maintained properly so that the squarish look is maintained. The lawn needs to be trimmed frequently so that the pattern stays precise.

Interlocking tiles

Tiles of different shapes and sizes can be used to create simple mosaics that will look amazing as pathways. Outdoor interlocking tiles are efficient, bold, and beautiful and are available quite easily in the market. Use them to create some bold and brave patterns to make your walkway look glamorous.

Red herringbone pattern

The red herringbone pattern is a classic pattern generally created with red bricks. It can make your space look quite sophisticated and unique. This is one of the classic garden path ideas which requires little to no effort. Just measure the space and tiles with precision and set them carefully. The red hues of the bricks will contrast beautifully with the green shades of grass and plants.

Walkway with levels

This method is highly suitable for uneven landscapes. Instead of making a sloped pathway, you can create large steps that can increase or decrease in height. These levels will create a ‘vertical’ dimension in your garden and will also be quite functional. This walkway is especially suitable for people who want to try something different in their garden. Line the steps with shrubbery and hedges for added beauty.

Rustic route

You can make a simple and straight path look quite interesting by using aged boards or tiles. These boards or tiles can be connected at seams to create an elegant yet rustic pathway. This method can be used to create pathways using wooden boards as well. Wooden tiles are better suited outdoors as compared to real wood as real wood may rot over time.

Terracotta track

This method uses ridged terracotta tiles. Terracotta tiles can create a stunning Mediterranean look that will transport your garden into the backyards of Europe. Terracotta works excellently in dusty and warm climates making it suitable for the Indian environment. The curved angles of the terracotta will give your garden an informal yet stunning look. The ridges will add a rustic touch to the pathway. Just be sure to keep the ridges clean and do a deep cleaning from time to time.

Bamboo bridge

You can also build a low yet functional bridge using bamboo. Bridges are especially great for people who do not want to dig up a pathway in their garden. You do not need to hire a landscaper to create a bridge, with some simple bamboo and twine you can build it on your own. Ideally, a bamboo bridge is supposed to look uneven which will make it look rustic. It is recommended to add handrails on the bridge for support while walking.

Contemporary wooden walkway

Wooden walkways are a nice addition to any garden. In this method, long planks of wood are used and set in uneven patterns throughout the garden for a modern aesthetic. You can use the planks to create different shapes and angles. You can also use planks of different materials and colours for a stunning look. The linear nature of the planks can create quite interesting patterns with ease. Use this method to maximise the space in your garden.

Plant lined passageway 

Any pathway can be bordered on one or both sides with plants. Plants can not only serve as a border between the lawn and the pathways but can also add a visual touch to your garden. This way people will stay on the pathway and will not wander off in your carefully curated lawns. You can use various plants to create borders. For a uniform look, choose the same plant, but for a contrasting look, choose different plants. Be sure to avoid picking plants with spikes and thorns.

Stepping stones

Another outdoor flooring option that you can choose to make stunning pathways is using stepping stones. Stepping stones can be laid down with gaps between them. These gaps can be left empty or you can fill them with gravel and pebbles. Either way, the arrangement will bring a rustic and elegant charm to the pathway. For a coastal effect, why not add seashells to fill the gaps between the stepping stones?

Making a pathway is as easy as choosing the space and the material that you want to work with. Once you have picked up the material, design a layout of your pathway and set it up accordingly. Be sure to add lots of beautiful plants to your garden to make it a calm and soothing place.

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