Wedding Proposal Ideas

9 Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

Once you’ve made the decision to ask the person you love to marry you, you’ll want to start asking yourself how you plan to do it. There are a million and one different ways to go about it.

9 Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

If you’re stumped on ideas, here are nine romantic wedding proposal ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1.Don’t Forget the Ring

The very first step you’ll want to take is picking out the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse. There’s a lot to consider such as the cut, carat size, and metal of the band.

If you’re proposing, you’ve probably already had the conversation about marriage. Get an idea ahead of time by simply asking them what they like.

2.Take a Hike Together

If you’re both big into the great outdoors, there’s no better place to propose than in the mountains. Plan a hike together like you normally would. Aim to make it to the top for sunrise or sunset.

Once you reach the summit, find a special moment overlooking the gorgeous view to make the grand gesture.

3.Get the Kids Involved

Your children are a part of the family you’re uniting. Find a way to incorporate the kids into the proposal. It’s an added hint of sweetness when the kids ask your partner if you want to marry their dad.

4.Hire a Surprise Photographer

The proposal is a moment you’ll never want to forget. One of the biggest wedding photo trends is the moment you get down on one knee. Hire a photographer and act like you wanted to get professional photos taken of the two of you.

When you’re ready, you can pull out the ring and pop the question. The photographer will be there to capture the moment in action.

5.Find a Rooftop

The ambiance of your proposal can always be set with the outdoors. Find somewhere with a breathtaking view and decorate the area with flowers or other fine details.

Scout some local rooftop locations in a nearby city. Talk to small businesses or even rent out a rooftop bar for a few hours in the evening.

6.Propose at Home

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that are the most romantic. There are several creative ways you can propose right at home. While they’re at work, decorate the house with candles and string lights. Cook a delicious meal and set the table with wine and floral arrangements.

Or, if you want to go even simpler, the morning is always a great time. Secretly slip on the ring while they’re still asleep. They’ll never see it coming when they wake up to a ring on their hand.

7.Recreate Your First Date

Remember the nerves you both had on your first date? Recreating your first date shows how much you care.

All you need to do is get some exotics from an excellent flower store, buy some chocolates and invest in a cake if you want to make them feel extra special for the proposal!

Take them to the same restaurant. Watch the same movie. Take a walk through the same park. When the timing is right, you’ll know what to do.

8.Set Up a Beach Picnic 

I was walking the beach one day and saw two women setting up an elaborate picnic. There was a table with candles, flowers spread all around, and light woven into a tent with the words “marry me” in big block letters across the sand.

Get your friends involved to help plan a surprise beach picnic. Think about the person you’re proposing to. If they love simplicity, keep the picnic simple. If they love big romantic surprises, spruce it up with an extravagant proposal in the sand.

9.Get the Family Involved

Sharing such a pivotal moment in your life with family is something not everyone gets to have. If the family lives nearby, bring them into the secret plan.

Throw a party or set up a family photo shoot. A great time to do it is during a holiday gathering or the 4th of July fireworks. Everyone will already plan to be together so your future spouse won’t expect it.

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