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A Review of Brilliant Earth Conflict-Free Diamonds

If you’ve been looking for information on diamonds online, you’ve certainly run into an ad for Brilliant Earth. Brilliant Earth reviews have shown that this company is known for its conflict-free diamonds, which you might be considering for your ring. Let’s delve deeper into the company and its diamonds to make sure that it is the right choice for you.

A Review of Brilliant Earth Conflict Free Diamonds

Brilliant Earth’s Target Market

The people who shop at Brilliant Earth tend to be socially conscious individuals. They value the mission statement and support the idea of producing diamonds in an ethical manner. They would also likely be in support of the fact that Brilliant Earth follows strict labor laws in relation to the miners in other countries.

The other part of the target market includes people who are looking for lab-created diamonds, or vintage diamonds. Brilliant Earth has a large selection of both and can cater to many different styles and tastes. Brilliant Earth has seven different locations all across America and also hosts an interactive website for customers to browse through. The online website is convenient for customers who are not living near any of the physical locations and can’t dedicate the time to travel there.

The Kimberley Process

Brilliant Earth is well-known for being a large producer of conflict-free diamonds. These are diamonds that are mined ethically and sustainably. The revenue that is generated from the mining goes straight back into helping the country grow and flourish. None of it is used for aiding warfare or similar scenarios, as tends to happen with other similar companies.

The Kimberley Process was created with the intention of stopping conflict diamonds. The organization worked to ensure that diamond revenue was not financing wars or violence caused by rebels. Countries have the option of joining the Kimberley Process if they meet the minimum requirements. Members of the organization can only trade with each other to ensure that standards are up kept. Brilliant Earth maintains that they go above and beyond the standards implemented by the Kimberley Process.


Brilliant Earth also has several guidelines that they follow in regard to sourcing their diamonds. Brilliant Earth only sources diamonds that: Were not used to assist war efforts or rebel causes, involve no human rights violations, came from mines that pay a fair wage and have safe labor laws, and have a minimal environmental impact.


Brilliant Earth provides five different categories of diamonds. These include diamonds from Botswana, Russia, Canada, recycled diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Brilliant Earth has a selection of over 30,000 loose diamonds to browse through in their online library. The company also guarantees a 30-day free return policy if you are unable with your purchase for any reason.

Botswana diamonds are referring to the diamonds that are sold by Debswana, which is a partnership between the Government of Botswana and the De Beers Group of Companies. The Debswana partnership has provided Botswana residents with a drastic increase in employment opportunities. Brilliant Earth guarantees that the diamonds they receive from Botswana mines are sourced responsibly.

Russian diamonds are mined from Siberia and the Arkhangelsk region, near the White Sea coast. The areas where the mines are located tend to be very remote, with few other opportunities for work.

Canadian diamonds are the ones that have the least doubt when it comes to ethical practices. Canada has notably high standards when it comes to labor laws and fair wages. The safety standards for these mines are also very high, with high accountability imposed on the people in charge. The government has also implemented regulations on Brilliant Earth’s mines so as to protect wildlife and the environment.

Recycled diamonds are also an option when it comes to Brilliant Earth. These stones have come from vintage rings or from orders that have not gone through. Buying a recycled diamond means that there is one less diamond that is getting mined. This is an incentive for consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycled diamonds are also a good idea from an economic standpoint, as they tend to be cheaper.

Synthetic diamonds are made to exactly mimic natural ones. They are created in a lab using pure carbon, which gets crystallized to form a 3D shape. This is the same material and process as it takes to form a natural diamond. Synthetic diamonds are created in a lab, so the working conditions are safer than in a mine, which makes them more ethically sustainable. Synthetic diamonds are often different colors, as it is more cost-effective to obtain them in this manner.


No matter which diamond you end up getting from Brilliant Earth, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing their part for the environment and also for humanity. The company works hard to ensure that they are doing all they can to maintain their corporate responsibility in the operation of their business, which is why they are a good choice for jewelry consumers.

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