A Totally Natural Miracle, Coconut Oil Mixed With Lemon – Brings Back Your Gray Hair Into Natural Color

Have you ever thought about the reason, why your hair goes gray? I have the answer, there are some pigment cells that are located in each base of he hair folicule, and its responsibility is to keep your hair color and as you grow older they start dying and  decrease their efficiency.

This remedy that includes coconut oil and lemon helps you only with nourishing your scalp which protects your hair folicules and if the base and the pigmentation of your cells are healthier you”ll definitely stop your hair from going gray.

A Totally Natural Miracle, Coconut Oil Mixed With Lemon   Brings Back Your Gray Hair Into Natural Color

Most common causes of gray hair

This kind of problem can be caused by a hormonal disbalance, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism,malnutrition, nutritional deficiency, the hair color dyes, the hair electric heaters,the chemotherapy or some radiation. Nowadays there are lots of hair dying products which will color your hair in the color you want to, but the chemicals in it will definitely make a great damage on it. So, the conclusion is to use more natural products.

Perfect natural solution for gray hair

If you have a gray hair and you are willing to bring back your hair color, this is the right homemade remedy for you,we stated below that the chemicals are damaging your hair,so you should definitely use natural products,and you’ll see the results from this natural remedy. The ingredients are nothing more but coconut oil and lemon juice!

A few words about the ingredients

No doubt that the coconut oil is an extra efficient and beneficial ingredient for your skin and hair,but there are also more benefits consuming food with it. It has some anti-microbial powerful properties,including lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids which will make your hair stronger and will bring you back your natural haircolor. And when we speak about the lemon juice-it really is a bomb full of vitamin B, C and it also contains phosphorus,with a nourishing effect and very effective treatment for the gray color. And this remedy is very simple and easy to make and here are the instructions, here’s the recipe:

Needed ingredients:

Coconut oil
3 teaspoons of lemon juice


You’ll mix 3 teaspoons of lemon juice with coconut oil, apply it on your hair and massage it to the scalp, you’ll have to leave it for for at least an hour, then wash it with pure water and then with a mild shampoo. You have to use it weekly and we can tell you more uses of the coconut oil that will also prevent you from dandruff and that is
contained by mixing coconut oil,caster oil and lukewarm water, and you’ll notice the surprisingly good results!!    source

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