Backpackers: Everything You Need to Know to Be Safe

Backpackers: Everything You Need to Know to Be Safe

When you go traveling, is not excluded that something bad might happen. However, there’s no use for you to freak out just yet, but it’s good to keep in mind that there are a few risks that you need to take into account when you’re a backpacker, some that are different from those of a typical traveler. Therefore, your insurance will be different than of others.

We’ve gathered the most important travel insurance tips for you to be safe on your trip. Whether you go for backpacker travel insurance australia or you settle for one from this list, it’s good to know them.

Get coverage without paying more money

You’ll have to choose between insurances from a long list, we’ve put here the ones that you might need.

Medical expense coverage – this one is the most important, as it covers you when it comes to medical emergencies on your trip – for example, if you find yourself in a hospital far away from home.

Baggage coverage – this one helps you replace the personal items if stolen, lost or even destroyed.

Trip interruption coverage – you’ll be covered if something happens and you’re unexpectedly needed home.

Credit card or passport coverage – they’ll give you your money back if there are unauthorized charges on your credit cards or if you need to replace a stolen or lost passport.

Emergency evacuation coverage – they’ll pay if you suddenly need to be evacuated from that particular place, or for your return home after your recovery (for example, let’s say you had a head injury and you need to get home as soon as you’re better).

Make sure everything’s okay with your medical kit

It really depends on where you’re going – you should adjust your medical kit accordingly. You’ll need to take into account all the things that can happen to you (even sporadic diarrhea and an open wound that suddenly leaves out colorful liquids). Also, keep in mind that there will be mosquitos, so make sure you get insect repellent with 30-50% DEET.

Make sure you’re always identifiable

You can travel by yourself, or you can travel with a group, but in any case, you need to be easily identifiable. The reasons are creepy (and we’re sorry for what we’re about to write next), but if you do this, you ensure that your body gets returned to your family if you die, and also, if you’re unconscious, you ensure that the doctors will know what’s your medical treatment (if any). You need this, especially if you don’t check into a hotel, with no record of you whatsoever.

So make sure you have copies of your passport, ID card and your driver’s license. Also you need to have basic medical info about you, keep one copy for yourself, and give another copy to one of your mates – this also includes the travel insurance proof of coverage.

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