With every new season comes a new hair trend. Regardless of that, there are a few hairstyles which have stood the test of time. A lot of women are unafraid to make changes, no matter how dramatic, but there’s that one hair-do they eventually try out over and over. Here are some style suggestions you can try out;


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  • Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a style that features your hair getting cropped in layers so as to create a slightly messy effect. This short hairdo is a timeless classic that can be styled in a deep side part and casually swept across your forehead. You can also add colored highlights. To maintain the style, you need a texturizing spray. For more elegance, you can blow-dry gently with a flat brush.

  • Full Bangs

Bangs, otherwise called fringes, can improve any face shape no matter what style it takes. Bangs can be curly, blunt, free-spirited, arched, etc.

  • The Classic Bob

No matter what time of year it is, there is always one woman who is rocking the classic bob hairdo. Of course, you have to realize that a bob style should be cut to suit the shape of your face.

  • Beachy Waves

Beachy waves is an effortless style that doesn’t require a lot of tricks to keep looking fresh and updated – whether you are actually on the beach or not. According to an expert, ‘usually scrunching your hair while it’s wet and let it air-dry’ works wonders.

  • Soft Layers

This haircut is the go-to style if you have no intentions to fuss over your looks. All you need to do is blow-dry your hair, and you are on your way.

  • The Long Bob

If you are afraid to cut your hair, then this is the right place for you to start. The long bob cut is also a good option if you have no idea what to do with your hair next as it grows out elegantly.

  • Side-Swept Bangs

A side-swept bang gives a woman’s face some personality and is a fun hairstyle to rock without much trouble.

  • Layered Crop

The layered crop has a lot of texture, with varying styles: one side, middle part, tucked or untucked, etc. Most importantly, it is low maintenance enough to give you your money and time’s worth.

  • Shag

A shag cut is a hairstyle that has layers often feathered at the top and sides. The style is usually cut with a center part and bangs, which is easy on the eyes.

  • Straight Hair

Straight hair is always in style! When a little volume is added, the style looks classy and sexy. Many women apply hair serum before blow-drying their straight hair with a paddle brush.

  • Center-parted bangs

This style is known to grab attention because of how glamorous it looks and makes a woman look and feel. For the perfect look, you’ll need to create more layers down around the face, so that the bangs can blend.

  • Tousled Lob

It is summer, and an excellent choice of hairdo is the tousled lob, which is the most pinned style on Pinterest.  The lob is created by using a curling iron for short hair to define some parts of your hair and then creating waves with your fingers.

  • Defined Curls

Most curls, whether loose or tight, become defined with a few techniques and the application of lots of hair conditioner, gel, custard, or pudding. The hairstyle is more attractive with some curled ringlets adding volume to it.

  • Two-Toned Ringlets

The two-toned ringlets are made for those who aren’t afraid to mix a couple of warm hair colors. For example, a tone-on-tone honey blonde color would look good on a brown-skinned woman. What’s more? You can achieve the look without going to the salon.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy

  • Know when to wash: For most women, washing your hair once or twice a week is enough. Find out what works best for you from your stylist.
  • Ensure that you apply a good conditioner after you shampoo. The conditioner will not only provide moisture for your hair, but it will also make it softer and smoother to comb out.
  • Apply a hair mask that’s specially made for your hair type at least once a month.
  • Make sure you apply some heat protection products – spray, serum or creams – to your [wet] hair before you use ironers and dryers.
  • Follow a food diet that works best for you and your hair’s growth.
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