3 things that can help you look and feel amazing

3 things that can help you look and feel amazing

Being happy with how you look can make a big difference to your confidence levels and how you generally feel. If you don’t like what you see or are struggling with self-confidence, there are lots of things you can...

5 Types of Men’s Hats for Any Occasion

Free Am Image on Unsplash If you are looking for ways to stand out, amplify your current look, or simply have fun with new, yet versatile accessories that you can add to your wardrobe – there are plenty of hats...

What Does a Celtic Trinity Knot Mean?

The Celtic trinity knot has intrigued people for centuries as they try to unravel its lines’ meaning and interlocking points. The result has been a variety of interpretations that include love and family relations, or...

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Designing a Cosy Home Environment for the Winter Months

Most people celebrate the arrival of warm, summery weather, but the most popular season of all in the US is autumn. There is, indeed, something that beckons one to a cosy home when ‘the weather outside is frightening.’...

Waffle Worries: What Is the Nike LD Waffle?

Did you know that Nike sells 25 sneakers per second? But how did this amazing empire become so popular in just a few years? Many speculate that the invention of the “waffle print shoes” is what excelled this...

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