packing tips

Packing Tips Any Traveler Should Know

Are you traveling abroad for a holiday? If yes, you may know the stressful packing for the vacation can be. Many people have faced packing mishaps at least once in their life. The mishaps can range from inconvenient...

summer wedding

What to wear to a summer wedding

Long evenings, warm weather, gorgeous end-of-the-afternoon sunlight – there are loads of reasons why summer weddings rule. Everything just feels a little more festive in the summer, and the chance to tie the knot...

Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

Have you already set your New Year’s resolutions for 2021? Is starting u a new business one of them? Last year was one of the worst years in business due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, 2021 is a more promising one...

second-hand clothing

What are the benefits of second-hand clothing?

Second-hand fashion has exploded in recent years, proven by the growth of platforms like Depop, which has seen its active members increase from 400k to 2.5 million since January 2017. But why? What’s the deal with...

how to avoid ironing clothes

Ironing Tips Every Woman Should Know

Most women really hate ironing. The rest do it pleasantly. But, there are some of them doing it, but doing it wrong. Yes, there is a wrong ironing way. There are so many mistakes to make during ironing your clothes...

Budget-friendly ideas to make Mother’s Day special

Nothing can be a better occasion than Mother’s Day to honor motherhood and acknowledge your mother’s sacrifices for you. Believe it or not, even the minimum effort to make this day special can make this day...

basic hand sewing skills

Basic Sewing Skills For Beginners

Since we have talked about the lucrative reasons to take up sewing, it is time to teach you some basic sewing skills before you start sewing on your own. Sewing for beginners may seem a little difficult at first. But...

The Role of Technology In Fashion Industry

Technology changes the world by leaps and bounds. It has propelled the growth of human society in many different ways. From the basic needs of food and clothing to advanced robotics and health care, technology has...

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