Common Clothing Materials That Require Special Care

Part of the beauty of fashion lies in its versatility, especially the versatility of fabrics. However, because all fabrics look and behave differently, they require individualized care. Even though you can treat many materials in the same way, there are certain common clothing materials that require special care. Read on to discover how to better tend to your wardrobe!

Common Clothing Materials That Require Special Care


Linen boasts unmatched coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather. It’s an exquisite natural fiber popular for its breathability and effortless style. However, linen can be quite finicky when it comes to care. The key to maintaining its crispness lies in gentle washing and avoiding high temperatures. Frequent pressing is essential to keep your linen garments looking sharp and sophisticated. Creasing is a common frustration with linen garments. To ease out stubborn crinkles, make sure you understand tips for ironing linen, such as misting it lightly before applying heat.


Pure wool brings warmth and quality to an outfit, but this natural fiber can be finnicky when wash time rolls around. When treating wool fabrics, use cool water and opt for a gentle cycle or hand wash to avoid stretching or shrinking. The golden rule with wool is to avoid heat; never place wool garments in the dryer. Instead, lay them flat to dry, shaping them well to preserve their form.


A statement leather jacket or a well-crafted handbag is a power piece in any fashion enthusiast’s closet. Leather, in its regal appeal, requires care fit for royalty. Taking care of your leather goods involves many considerations, including keeping them away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. Additionally, if leather gets wet, pat it dry gently with a soft cloth instead of using a hairdryer or any direct heat source. Finally, proper storage in a cool, dark place and regular conditioning keep the leather soft, supple, and crack-free.


Silk is the epitome of luxury and delicacy in the fashion world. Its smooth texture and gentle shimmer make it an ideal choice for scarves, blouses, and dresses. Care for silk must be equally delicate, favoring cold water washes and mild detergents. You should air-dry silk out of direct sunlight. Wrinkle-free silk is achievable with a warm iron on a low setting, but it often requires meticulous care to keep it smooth and flowing.


Velvet is rich, lavish, and always a sophisticated choice. However, its dense and soft pile can be a haven for dust and is easy to crush or crease. Dry cleaning is often the safest route for velvet care, keeping it luscious and vibrant. At home, you can maintain velvet’s beauty by gently brushing it with a soft cloth to lift dust. Finally, use a steamer rather than an iron to remove any wrinkles, keeping the pile intact and the texture as luxurious as ever.

Don’t shy away from infusing your closet with an abundance of different materials. As long as you know which common clothing materials require special care, you can treat them with the love and attention they need to last a long time and look amazing.

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