Smart Photography Tips to Capture Unforgettable Family Moments

Are pictures of your family the only way to freeze those fleeting moments in time? Everyday interactions soon fade from memory, but photos preserve the love, laughter, and little details that make your family unique.

Smart Photography Tips to Capture Unforgettable Family Moments

With the right photography techniques, you can create images that will bring all those feelings flooding back for years to come. Follow these tips to capture portraits that become priceless keepsakes and tell the ongoing story of your family.

1.    Capturing Kids Naturally

When preparing for family photos with kids, it’s best not to overload them with information. Give them a simple explanation like, “We’re going to have fun taking pictures today.” Avoid statements that imply the session won’t be enjoyable or that bribe them to “be good.”

It’s also better not to coach them on posing. Let smiles and interactions between family members happen naturally rather than forcing fake smiles. The photographer can gently guide looks at the camera if needed. Saying “cheese” should only be a last resort to get one smile, as authentic expressions are better.

The most memorable kid photos capture spontaneous moments when they’re relaxed and being themselves. As photographer Ryan Mills says, “Children are always honest and comfortable in their own skin without adult self-consciousness.”

Another photographer agrees their portraits stand out because “kids don’t usually fake emotions.” Look for opportunities to catch smiles, laughter and play as the children engage naturally in their environment. A light touch allows kids to shine through in portraits.

2.   Coordinating Your Family Portrait Looks

Coordinating colors or patterns in your outfits can help create a cohesive portrait. Think about poses that include everyone while allowing the younger family members to be playful without stressing out the adults too much.

One easy option is going for charming matching PJs for the whole family. Family pajama sets allow everyone to feel comfortable while looking cute in the photo. There are styles available to suit different tastes, with shorts, pants, or nightshirts to choose from.

According to LazyOne, wearing matching jammies as you spend time together at home on Thanksgiving helps bring family members closer. The fun, coordinated outfits foster a warm sense of togetherness in your photo.

Coordinating your outfits – whether casual clothes or festive pajamas – helps unify your family portrait. Just remember to balance poses that allow both silly kids and relaxed adults to shine through naturally in your Thanksgiving photo. The outfits are a starting point, but capturing real moments of love and laughter together is what will make the photo truly meaningful.

3.   Select the Right Photographer

When choosing a photographer for your holiday family portraits, the first step is to get referrals from those you trust. Ask friends, family members, and colleagues if they have any photographer recommendations based on past positive experiences.

Getting a personal recommendation is often the best way to find a skilled local photographer you can feel confident in. You can also browse photographer profiles on online directories like

Sites like these allow you to read bios, view sample photos from previous family sessions in different packages, and read reviews left by past clients. This can help you get a sense of different photographers’ styles and approaches so you can identify some top candidates.

It’s important to check that any photographers you’re considering have specific experience photographing families and children.

View their website and social media pages to see samples from previous family portrait sessions that will demonstrate their ability to engage with subjects of varying ages. Be sure to ask about pricing and packages upfront as well.

A basic family photo session usually ranges from $300-$500, so understand what you’ll be budgeting. Inquire about the number of edited photos included and if you’ll have print rights. You’ll also want to book well in advance, as the holiday season tends to be very busy. Reaching out early allows you to secure your preferred date before dates fill up.

If possible, try to do a brief beforehand meeting with top candidates to get a sense of their personality and communication approach as well to ensure you feel comfortable working with them on picture day.


1. How can I achieve natural-looking family photos?

A: To capture candid moments, avoid constantly looking at the camera. Instead, engage naturally with your family members. Try activities like hugging, kissing, walking, playing, or even having a playful tickle fight. When unsure, focus on interacting with someone in the group and cherish the moments spent together.

2. What’s the significance of family photos?

A: Family photos play a crucial role in fostering connections within our families, strengthening bonds, and preserving cherished memories. By sharing these photos with future generations, such as our children, we pass on a sense of belonging and heritage. Each family member depicted in these photos has contributed to shaping our identities.

3. How can I appear attractive in family photos?

A: Opt for classic neutral colors that complement everyone, or choose rich jewel tones that add vibrancy to the picture. Avoid wearing neon colors, as they can cast unflattering hues on faces and steer clear of clothing with prominent logos that may date the photo. Since these memories are timeless, opting for a classic and sophisticated look ensures lasting appeal.

At the end of the day, the most meaningful family photos are those that authentically capture the love, joy, and bond between your family members. While outfit coordination and photography techniques help produce high-quality images, the emotional connection visible in your expressions and interactions is what will stand the test of time.

As your family grows and changes, looking back at photos that remind you of fun moments shared together is priceless. Following these tips will help you preserve priceless memories for generations to come through images that tell the ongoing story of your family.

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