Expanding the Tiny House for More Space and Fun

Every homeowner understands the value of that extra inch that allows them to do so much more than expected. That’s why it is always interesting to talk about extension ideas for them. It is more relevant for smaller home dwellers, who have to pack in a lot of stuff in the tight spaces due to the lack of spaciousness. But extending areas without proper renovation may not be valuable. It requires thorough planning and execution.

Expanding the Tiny House for More Space and Fun

Nevertheless, you don’t face many restrictions with single-story rear extension as long as you stick to basic building codes. Another thing that you need to be careful about is the garden area. It would be best if you don’t do anything that impacts its size considerably. It can affect your property’s resale value. Now, let’s focus on the core – extension ideas.

Kitchen for Inside-Outside Bond

Securing even an inch in the side in a cramped kitchen can be massive. You can install retracting glass doors to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space. For this, your kitchen area can be a perfect choice. If you felt it was too small, you can remove that by doing away with the enclosed structure. The modern rear extension would let the kitchen-cum-dining space interact with your landscaped garden beautifully. Plus, it is not too much work also. The glass structure with steel frames will add tons of freshness to the indoor quality. Since it makes way for floods of natural light, your kitchen can feel more comfortable and airy.

If you can extend the area a bit more, cooking, dining, and socializing would become extra fun. You can achieve this by finding out the border to maximize the space and try to make it as multifunctional as possible.

Bathroom for Modern Needs

About 40 years back, nobody paid much attention to the size of a bathroom. It was hardly a selling point. Homeowners were crazy about living rooms, bedrooms, and porches. They perceived bathrooms as a practical or functional space and nothing more. But the preferences have changed. Homebuyers want their bathrooms to look pleasing while offering all the comforts and amenities—for example, some desire to include soaking tubs, steam showers, dressers, and other elements. You cannot imagine this in a typical 5′ by 9′ bathroom. Still, you can jazz it up with a small sink for a tiny space and enjoy your choice.

Or, if you are determined to make space for other features also, you need to go through all the renovation options – borrowing, bumping, and building. According to experts, reconfiguring a bathroom space can be affordable even if you have to shift a wall to get more space. A few additional inches can be helpful, whether you steal it from a bedroom or some other part. Some believe compromising with closet space is much better. A new bath can be excellent for your property’s value and potential buyers. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether you use the closet area located inside or outside your bathroom.

If it is a part of the bathroom, you don’t have to stress much. It eliminates the need to tamper with the existing floorplan of the house. Some people don’t mind using empty guestrooms or home office spaces for the same reason. It can be a solution for you, provided you have some other zone where you can work from home. Otherwise, it can be slightly inconvenient as per the current situation. Else, you can take a small part of the room and leave the rest enough for a desk, a chair, and smooth movement.

Once you figure out the option, you may have to bump out the exterior wall to increase the floor area for your bathroom. Usually, it helps saves two feet, which can make your bathroom almost 25% bigger. It can be adequate for installing a bathtub or vanity.

Anyway, it would help if you also prepared for the other possibility. Since specific structures don’t allow adding more space to your bathroom, you will have to put up with the smaller size. Yet, there is nothing to regret. Options like vessel sinks, floating furniture, and make-shift arrangements are there to treat you well. For more tips on how to properly set up your tiny house bathroom, you can check out: Project for Home.

Garage for Additional Livable Area

It is pretty challenging to get a big home nowadays. So, even if you consider moving into a large apartment from your old house, you may not get the absolute satisfaction of spaciousness. Space is premium. You need to recognize and utilize this well. You can divert your attention to the garage that you may not have used for a long time in this context. Don’t let this go to waste if you need an extra room. You can transform your standard garage into a bedroom with an attached bathroom or additional kitchen space. For this work, you may not even require permission because of the nature of the construction. It is mainly an internal task that doesn’t involve any extension. Still, get clarity on this before you act.

Do you want to change your garage into an individual living unit? In that case, you would have to seek permission regardless of the building work requirements. You can meet the local planning body to understand the nitty-gritty of such demands and avoid unnecessary hassles. Your designer and architect can also guide you on this. No matter what, it is essential to pursue these things with absolute transparency and goals.

You can be emotional about your home. Even though its small size can be a sore point, you may hesitate to touch it, wondering what if things go wrong. Money, time, and energy will be at stake; at the same time, it can be heartbreaking not to achieve the desired outcomes. But you need to overcome these surging emotions and think logically. Many homeowners benefit from extension plans. If you get the right contractor and required assistance, it can become one of the best home improvement projects of your life. You can enjoy yourself in the same place for more years without worrying about buying a new property, moving in, and other things. There are affordable apartments for rent in Savannah that suit every type of renter. Some of the most affordable Savannah apartments for rent can be found on. Choose from the boutique building or family-friendly neighborhood

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