Fabulous Reading Glasses That Are Certain To Keep Your Style

Reading glasses are available over the counter or by prescription. Their main purpose is to help you read something up close. People oftentimes relate old age to wearing glasses. So some people would like to have an eyeglass that will not make them look older, something that will be chic, and one that will also represent their lifestyle. When you are planning to have reading glasses, and you are considering these factors, here are some suggestions:

Fabulous Reading Glasses That Are Certain To Keep Your Style

Glasses for Square Faces

If your forehead, cheeks, and chin are equally broad and your jaw is more pronounced, your facial feature would look best if you wear round glasses. Using this type of glasses will lessen the angular features of your face, Aviator glasses are also perfect for this type of face shape. Square shaped glasses are not recommended if you have a round face as this will emphasize your angular features.

Glasses for Round Shaped Faces

Your round face shows a uniformly shaped feature. The forehead and the cheeks are about the same in width, while your chin has a soft look. Using round-shaped eyeglasses is not advisable because this will make your face rounder. Rectangular-shaped eyeglasses, however, would make your face look narrower. Choose an elegant frame if you are wearing rectangular glasses.

Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

If your forehead is broad, you have pronounced cheekbones, and narrow, tapering chin, you have a heart-shaped face. Any type of eyeglasses will look perfectly fit for this shape. Round glasses balance the contour of the face while angled spectacles do the same making more emphasis on the lower part of your face rather than on the wider side of your forehead.

Glasses for Oval Faces

Oval faces are usually proportioned or balanced. The forehead and the chin are narrow, and the cheeks are pronounced. It is easy to find the right pair of glasses if you have a round-shaped face. You can wear any style just make sure that the spectacle is not too small nor too big for you.

Now that you have an idea of the appropriate type of spectacles you will buy for your face’s shape, you must know which type of lens is best for your visual needs. You can consult this with an optometrist. You need to change lenses between ages 40 and 60 as the eye’s natural lens also loses flexibility and its ability to focus, so a prescribed lens can help you with this. If you are in California, there is a top supplier of wholesale reading glasses in Los Angeles where you can choose from several options. You can also check on the lens material being used as this can also make a difference.

Now let’s see the different types of reading glasses that you can choose from, depending on your eye’s health. Purchasing new eyeglasses can be easy for some, but if you want it to serve you with comfort, you might want to consider the visual strength and its appearance.

There has been great development over the years where designer eyeglasses are now available for any kind of activity, vision requirements, and the environment. Here are popular types of eyeglasses for your improved visual experience

Single Vision Eyeglasses

This eyewear offers a full field of vision, having power over the entire lens. The most common of all eyeglasses, this style is perfect for those who have difficulty in reading either near or far. It is usually prescribed for children and adults diagnosed with myopia or having difficulty to see far objects. Also prescribed to those who have presbyopia, or the condition where a person has good distance vision and have trouble with near vision attributed by age.

Progressive Lenses

This type of lens is a perfect option for those who are trying to correct their presbyopia. Something special about this lens is that you get three visual powers in one single lens giving a smooth transition. While this transition is invisible and aesthetically satisfying, its focal area is rather small since the transition area takes up more of the lens’ space.

Bifocal Glasses

Another type of multi-lens eyewear is bifocal glasses, a spectacle having two lenses with different prescriptions. This type is appropriate for farsightedness and nearsightedness. It has a clear visual line between the lenses. Sometimes there are special lenses used to glance up at objects that are at a near distance. These are known as double-D bifocals.

Task-Specific Eyeglasses

As its name implies, this type of eyewear is used for a specific task. A good example is a computer eyeglass giving the wearer a perfect view of his computer screen. The lens is usually personalized by an optometrist depending on the distance from your eye from the screen. This distance ranges from 20 to 26 inches away. This type of glasses prevents the eyes from strain caused by computer screens and helps you transition focus to the surroundings.

Fabulous Reading Glasses That Are Certain To Keep Your Style

Trifocal Glasses

Trifocal eyewear has three prescriptions in one lens. These three correct vision, up-close vision, and intermediate distances. Like bifocal glasses, it also has a noticeable visual line.

The commonly used lens is made of glass, but some materials are being used now based on the type of activity that you have. A plastic lens is lighter, more flexible, and safer compared with glass lenses plus they have an inherent ultraviolet light-blocking feature. Another material used is polycarbonate for those who are into sports and other physical activities, as this type is highly impacted resistant, a variant of this is Trivex, which has the same standards as the polycarbonate material. Other lenses are also equipped with protective coatings to keep your eyes always safe from glare and UV radiation.

Even with the eyeglass frame designs, you can also express your lifestyle. There are designer frames and there are simple ones, too. However, you can prioritize to choose better lenses as this is the main reason why you have to wear eyeglasses. Get the best and correct lens that will give you the best benefits even with your way of life.

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